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10,000 Steps

January 25, 2018

10,000 steps a day. That is our goal and we have managed it 6 out of the 12 days that we have been in Albany. That isn’t horrible, but we sure would like to improve it. It has been raining some days though and we have been doing a lot of meetings this past week so all of that has cut into our walking time. We vow to improve and we certainly have a great area to do so. It is fun to be in a new neighborhood, checking out all the streets, homes, shops and restaurants. We are close to 9,000 steps if we just head out the door, go to Solano Ave, travel all the way down it and head back home. And we certainly have the time to do so most days. 

On our walks we love to stop at the Royal Cafe just a few blocks away on San Pablo Ave, and have paused again today for breakfast. The food is great (especially the excellent scone with lemon curd) and so is the service and we love all the old signs, lunch boxes and radios that decorate the space. My favorite is the Knudsen Ice Cream sign which reminds me of summer days growing up. The box container never seemed to make it till all the ice cream was consumed as it would fall apart on the sides and we would have to hurriedly finish it off. The cafe is busy but we have never had to wait long and we find that wait worth it. In addition to the Royal Cafe for breakfast we have also wandered down to Sam’s Log Cabin. It is very tiny inside, but has a nice space outside in the back. It is just too cold for us to use it now. The food is good here too and it makes a nice change when we are feeling like it.

We love Solano Avenue as it has all you need on it. We have tried a lot of restaurants here, now and in the past and have many more to go. We enjoyed a really good Chilean meal at Restaurant Valparaiso the other day and the owner was happy that Glenn had visited there on his travels through Latin America. Nomad is a good one for Tibetan food, Little Star Pizza if that is what we feel like and Troy for Greek. There is a nice Mediterranean deli, Zand where we can get good pita and falafel balls and the great funky Schmidt’s Pub with outdoor space. And of course there is always a Barneys just in case we crave curly fries and a root beer float that day.  We can also get a lot of business done here. We have hit Fed Ex and UPS several times, and the copy store as we have had to do some copying for the house, etc. that is more than we want to do page by page at home. And our favorite nursery ever, complete with coffee bar in an Airstream is on the street.

At the upper end of Solano is a trail of steps leading up to Indian Rock. It isn’t a breezy walk up though and we figure if we do that a couple of times a week we can get our legs prepared for the hills of San Miguel de Allende which can be killers. When we stay at Glenn’s Aunt Lorraine’s next month there are also some great trails in the hills next to her house, so we will have to hit those on a regular basis too. Our eye will still be on achieving those 10,000 steps. We know if we don’t we will be out of shape for all the walking to be done in our new town south of the border, and with the elevation at 6,234 feet we will have a work out every day.

Glenn has found a great place near the AirBnb for doing his Tai-Chi. It is a nice park with grass, trees and a little stream. And whenever we have been there, the only people around are the gardeners. He is still trying to do his Thai-Chi every Thursday night and Saturday mornings and is looking forward to finding the perfect spot in San Miguel. We already remember a couple places that may fit the bill.

We both have gained weight in the past months since we have gotten married. I hear that is not uncommon, but we are ready for it to come off! We also hear that being at a higher altitude than we are used to helps to burn off weight as your body works harder. We are dying to find out if that is true and hope that it is. Also contributing to that is the fact that San Miguel de Allende is a walking town, you do not want a car there as the streets are narrow and have a lot of one ways. It is usually easy to find a taxi where for about $3 you can get anywhere in town if you need to. Those 10,000 steps should be easy to accomplish each day, but even if we don’t, we will have a great time trying.

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