A Barred Window and a Dozen Eggs

July 23, 2021

Is San Miguel a vortex?

We have heard whispers.

And after 60 years of hard life lessons, trauma, and discontent, mixed in with some good times, my blossoming, good vibes with the universe, my absolute contentment once landing in Mexico, specifically San Miguel de Allende, must be sourced from cosmic energy. Right?

We have been here for over three years now and the buzz still hasn’t faded. I guess the energy remains strong; we know we do.

We realized a little while ago that we had created a life full of discretionary. We divested all our responsibilities and debts and bills and each day we can wake up and ask, “what happens today?”

It is all about choices. And split-second decisions, possibly after long mental and verbal debates or on a whim; all leading to that one moment.

But, sometimes there are the “what if’s.”

What if I had reached that crossroad one second before or one second later? If I had spun off into an alternate reality because of a change in the information in that other instant?

I recently read the bestseller, “The Midnight Library” by Matt Haig. It brought to mind these questions I have often posed to myself. And I wrote a personal essay called “I Could Have Turned Left” that I have submitted to a few places – it is still in limbo.

Life is made up of millions of decisions every day that we are not fully aware of. And each of those decisions put us on a certain path. But what happened to the possibilities we left behind, that we didn’t choose? Are they all “real” somewhere in alternate or parallel universes?

Are Glenn and I here, fulfilled, because of cosmic energy, or because we just learned to make better choices? Is it both?

We were all born with millions of stars above us, each a decision waiting to happen. We have never-ending endings.

And in life, we are all ping-pong balls.

Think of ping pong. The ball is hit off of one paddle and can shoot off in multiple directions, with a choice of multiple speeds, hit a wisp of air from the nearby fan, and change direction. There is another paddle waiting for it. Based on the angle of the paddle, how far it is from the player, if there was a spot of dust on the table, etc. it too can go off in a million directions. But it can only choose one.

Those variables are the what if’s.

So, with all that in mind. We have to look at an incident that happened to us yesterday. We shared it on Facebook and received many interesting responses to it. Some of which I share below.

At the very least these posts started a dialogue, perhaps sparked a question.

After you have read the posts, we would love to hear your take on the bizarre events.


First Facebook post (July 22, 2021)

“Ok, I truly believe that Glenn and I entered a black hole, a time warp, an alternate universe this afternoon. Here is what happened.

We bought a dozen eggs. I was carrying them and we had just stopped by our seamstress on Aldama (she is fabulous by the way) to pick up a pair of pants. Glenn had those in his hand as we came out onto the street. Lo and behold, a few doors down was the bracelet lady carrying her basket. I have been looking for her as I want to get another anklet so off we went in her direction and then stopped to try on a few. So far no problem.

There was a window behind me with iron bars. The eggs fit between the bars so I set them down on the window sill so I could sit on the sidewalk and try the anklet/bracelets. Alas, the anklets were too small, but she offered to make a bigger one for me for two weeks’ time. Fabulous. We exchanged emails. She continued up Aldama, and we went towards the park. Damn, the eggs! We forgot them. There had been less than a minute between walking and this realization. So we turned and started walking up the street to retrieve them.


What the hell had happened to it. It was just there. The spot on the street sidewalk where I had sat was between the seamstress and the Hotel Matilda, maybe 20 or so feet between them. There were no cars next to the spot on the sidewalk. About a 10-foot area. The construction workers, just outside the seamstress were still there. We are not talking about a big space for a barred window to disappear into. So, once again, where the hell is the window? We walked all the way up the street back almost to La Connexion – on another block, which was way too far. And we knew that. And we walked back down past the hotel towards the Parque, too far again, and we knew that. We were flummoxed. A couple was walking down Aldama and saw us walking back and forth on the street. They asked us if they could help us find something. We told them we had lost a window, with bars on it. And a dozen eggs that had been sitting on the sill. They didn’t know what to do with that but wished us well on our quest. We started looking for the vortex. That has to be the answer right? We’d heard there are vortexes around San Miguel. It is interesting to now know that parallel universes look the same, ours was just missing a window. So hold tight to your eggs. And, if you happen to find said window on Aldama, please let us know before we start padding our walls.”

Some responses (names withheld)

“Have you watched the documentary… “A glitch in the matrix?”

Me: no I haven’t. Do you recommend it? and will it give us clues? This really is the weirdest thing ever. We are knocking our heads together.

“I watched it recently on Netflix. It was fascinating and it speaks to the event that happened to you today. I believe what happened to you is more common than most people realize. Your post made the hairs on my arms stand up.”

Me: We will definitely check it out. If someone told us about this, we would not believe them. We still think there is some explanation and tomorrow we may walk down the street and find the window, complete with bars, and possibly eggs. That will really pull a doozy on us.

and then

“You just changed dimensions! It happens to us all the time. Usually, people don’t notice. Congratulations on paying attention! And since I’m seeing this message we changed at the same time. Oh so exciting! I wonder what else is different! What possibilities are different?! I love these moments!”


We were eager to walk down Aldama again and see if the window came back. We did so the next day.

Facebook (July 23, 2021)

“UPDATE — Ok, continuing from yesterday— There is no window.!! The video shows the stretch of wall we were at yesterday with the bracelet lady. Now, Glenn and I could be totally mixed up, anyone who knows me knows that that can happen. But, we are sure of the sequence of events and we are sure I put the eggs on the slanting sill of a window behind the bars when I sat on the sidewalk. The only window between the seamstress and the Hotel is a very small one with no space behind the bars for a carton of a dozen eggs to fit. We looked in every window the whole length of that block literally minutes after I stood up and there were no eggs in a window to be found. If our minds- both of them – are so muddled that we are experiencing something that never occurred in the first place we will be the first to admit and laugh at our stupidity. Right now we are just in a period of wonderment. And are loving the comments that we are getting. At the very least it has people questioning what is truth and “what ifs” of decisions. And lastly, if anyone lives or works on Aldama and hears about someone finding a dozen eggs in their window, please let us know.”

We even did a video of the stretch of the street we were talking about. (You can see it on our Facebook page. ) The only window in it was too small for a carton of eggs and was not tilted. So the mystery continues.

some responses we got were

“So seemingly innocuous, yet not. So glad you showed us the magical alleyway.”

Me: maybe this stretch will become a tourist attraction rivaling the Instagram scene of the next block up. (see photo above)


Me: just look at how much fun we are having with this incident. Was that the plan of the window? Did it have a message?

“oooh now you’re getting to the real stuff “


So, what is your “I question my reality” moment?

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