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An Update On The Window and The Eggs

August 10, 2021

It Got Weirder

It has been a couple of weeks since the window disappeared, after capturing our dozen organic eggs.

But now, we have validation.

We were on Ancha San Antonio a few days ago and crossed paths with the bracelet lady. You know the one who’s bracelets- anklets I was trying on when I set down the eggs in the window? Well, we started talking to her and comparing that afternoon. She remembers the window, she remembers my eggs, she remembers me turning around and placing the eggs in the window, and she remembers exactly where we were standing. She confirmed everything!

So, we have a witness!!

The window is definitely gone!! But, it was there…

Our story freaked her out!! She brought her hand to cover her mouth and her eyes widened, and she choked a bit. Now it was her reality too.

If you have Facebook and want to see the video we took the day after the event, click here. Notice the only two windows. Neither are tilted, neither are wide enough for a dozen eggs to sit lengthwise between the bars and the back. Our window is gone!!

Now, Glenn went back onto Aldama the following day and found two very similar windows next to each other (right height and size, had the tilt, same color, there was enough room for the eggs in the back of the bars), BUT they were near the La Connexion office – same street, all the way up a different block. Did they do the shifting? Or did we?

Yesterday we bought a dozen eggs, went to a cafe, and sat them down on the couch next to Glenn. I documented it with a photo. We weren’t going to take any chances. They were still there when we left, picking them up first and hanging on tight. They weren’t organic so maybe they were exempt from shifting. We will never know.


From some of the responses on Facebook, it seems some eggs have done a bit of traveling.  Our friend Chris in Sweden said six showed up at her door. Another in San Miguel said he thought he had one for breakfast, I think it was Fred, he responded “but Fred was delicious, hope that the lox wasn’t Dory or Nemo.” I was glad that Fred was accompanied by friends to his demise.

We are still waiting for postcards from the other five.


This experience shook us. And, Glenn and I have been searching for an answer and validation that we aren’t the only ones.  The incident has given us a focal point for some great philosophical discussions. Among them:

  • How an inch between people can give each drastically different points of view and information, and how each split-second of absorbed information can show us each a different path.
  • Then, what about the unabsorbed? All the particles of knowledge that flit through us daily but are never acknowledged. Do they keep circling through us? Destined outcomes we haven’t grabbed yet?
  • Are the events we participate in really by choice or is there a grand manipulator? I want to know who is in control of my avatar – I have a few choice words to say to her.

So, Googling away, we found more information on “glitches” and “shifting.”

It is said that San Miguel sits on a bed of quartz crystal and is a vortex.  In our minds, the vortex looks like it allowed us to experience a glitch and we shifted into a parallel universe.

There were a lot more technical, scientific, or just think tank ideas out there. We have been reading all kinds of theories and explanations. But this one here is a simpler idea. And several of the experiences are just too similar to ours.

7 True Stories From Reddit That Hint At The Existence Of Alternate Realities 

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you that made you ask the question – what is reality? Have you shifted?

We would love to have you share in the comments below.

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  • Reply ReAnn Scott August 10, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    The world is a weird and wonderful place! Just shake your heads and enjoy the ride. And what’s the name and address of the shop in the photo of Glen buying eggs?

    • Reply ourprimeoflife August 10, 2021 at 3:35 pm

      It is right at the beginning of going into the Guadelupe neighborhood. Off the street that Via Organica was on.

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