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March 31, 2018

Saint Patricks Day was celebrated in style but with a Mexican fiesta theme as our great friends Nai and David gave us another fabulous send off to San Miguel de Allende!! Now just a few weeks away. We had a great turnout and it included some people I had not see in about 20 years. It was so much fun to get caught up with everyone. There was a huge selection of great food, drink and bright decorations but everyone pretty much behaved. At times like this we realize how great our friendships are and that we will miss a lot of people.

Of course invitations were offered to have people come spend some time in San Miguel de Allende once we are settled. Several people with birthdays in July, and a few others are hopefully coming down at the beginning of the month for a collective celebration on the 4th. So that should be fun. We will need to spread other people/groups out though so we don’t become to overwhelmed. But we definitely want to show our new town off.

We should be back through the states in March each year to do our taxes at least until we have a few years under our belt with them and can begin to do them ourselves. And of course when we travel if we need to come through The Bay Area for a connection we will spend a few days.  We will have to watch for that 30 day mark where we are allowed to be in the country since we will be Mexican Residents. Longer and we will owe more taxes in the USA and we would have to worry about the whole health insurance thing.  We are counting down the days till departure.  If everything gets done earlier (we have 3 major things left) we have the option to go down to the house anytime after the 1st of April and we are really shooting for that. It may be a whirlwind takeoff in a matter of hours. All we have to do is grab the flights, lug our suitcases out to Uber, secure a van from MEX to SMA and let the house manager know that we are on our way.  Then no more real stress. At least that is what we think. We will have fun seeing what life actually brings. 

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