San Miguel de Allende

Emerging From The Cocoon

April 22, 2021

Something happened last night.

The sun was still out as we sat at our terrace table at La Dona with our good friends Kathy and David. We came to hear Lady Zen and Keith Tynes sing, a treat on any evening. But last night, with three of us, vaccinated, we came to break out of our cocoon, become fledgling social butterflies.

And what a way to start. Lady Zen was amazing, as always. And special guest, Keith Tynes of The Platters, belted out oldies but goodies as Kathy and I chair danced the night away.

We haven’t fully emerged from our COVID stupor, but there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Our breaths come easier. We don’t feel on the brink of disaster. This lighter feeling happened when that second jab hit my arm. It feels good to be over sixty.

I am a hugger. And the chance to fold a friend in an embrace, with masks still on, is flitting about on the horizon. We aren’t entirely dropping our vigilance. No one should. Masks will still be around for quite a while.

Glenn is waiting for the second wave of the vaccination team. We are hoping May will be his lucky month. It is also the month of our anniversary and his sixtieth birthday.

We feel like planning may be a possibility. Looking at a calendar for beyond tomorrow or next week.

Perhaps next year we can fly off to Europe or South East Asia. Both postponed. We are hoping our passports can break out of their cocoon too.

We also postponed our big bash party planned for last May. Lady Zen is poised to rock Kathy and David’s house when the time finally comes. I think our friends will be ready to kick up their heels and join in.

COVID unsettled everyone. We have learned just how interconnected our world is. I hope it has taken these lessons to heart. That it won’t fall back into old ways. Time will tell.

As for us, we found that our new home of San Miguel de Allende, where we could still go for walks and order in, was the perfect place for us to ride out the storm and we love it all the more.

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  • Reply David Hall May 23, 2021 at 2:00 pm

    I find your blog stimulating. The photos illustrate the writing beautifully. I just discovered it! I moved to SMA about eight months ago. We just returned from a six week visit to Texas. Against all our Texas friends wishes, We drove back to SMA so now we have a car here. The drive was scenic and completely uneventful. I would enjoy meeting you for lunch one day, so please give me a shout.

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