San Miguel de Allende


February 26, 2020

Our love of Ethiopian food really started when Glenn and I were living in Oakland, CA before we made the big move to San Miguel. And, one of the things the area is known for is it’s wide range of restaurants serving food from Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

We would get a hankering for this food at least once a month. Especially since we had a great little place right around the corner from us on Telegraph Avenue. We loved the variety of spices used and the heat of our favorite dishes. And tearing off a piece of the Injera bread to scoop up a tasty morsel by hand, well, who can’t get into that. 

San Miguel has such a choice when it comes to great food. There are the restaurants, of course, both high end and casual, along with Mom and Pop tiendas and taco trucks, cafes and cantinas. But one thing it was lacking was traditional Ethiopian fare. So, when our friends Phyllis and Kim told us they had met a couple who had a delivery business for just that, and that they also served meals up on their rooftop terrace, we were oh so very much all in!!

Arrangements were made for a Monday night in February. And then there we were at sunset with a long table of thirteen friends keen to see if Afro Allende was truly the best Ethiopian in Mexico. The end result was a unanimous YES, which was not lessened by the fact that it was the only authentic Ethiopian restaurant in Mexico. And now a highly recommended one!! 

Of course Glenn and I were the first to arrive, eager to start eating. But we made ourselves good guests and waited for the rest of the group. And we were immensely entertained in the meantime by the restaurant mascot Carol, the most adorable pug with long teeth. 

When the others started arriving, out came drinks and a marvelous dip of spiced spinach and cheese served with crackers. 

And, as the sun was setting we all sat down for the main event. First, a crisp salad with a lovely lime vinaigrette. Then more drinks and communal platters were placed on the table. We were served a variety of delicious dishes, beautifully prepared. And of course, who can have Ethiopian without Injera bread? Nope, simply not done!! Kyla and Brook make theirs with a twist because the typical grain is not available here. It was excellent non-the-less. And they kept it coming. 

Kyla and Brook are circus performers and met in Japan where they were both working. Brook is the Ethiopian half of the pair and a superb cook of his national dishes. Talk to them about their lovely story. San Miguel is lucky to have them make town their new home. 

While we were finishing up, up they go on the trapeze on the top of the building where they did a few of their moves to the delight of all of us. Unfortunately Kyla told us that the trapeze had to come down due to an HOA ruling, so we were happy we caught it before that unhappy event. Very fine hosts, they made the evening even more enjoyable for all of us. And we look forward to the next occasion we have to make our way here.

Definitely make your way to the rooftop with a group of friends, as it is perfect for communal dining. And if not up on the roof, make sure you check out their delivery service. Finally, a trip to the “beach” at Valle de Los Senderos sounds might sound like a fun way to spend some time, so join them here for their monthly feast. And follow them on Facebook.

Our final opinion, Ethiopian food in San Miguel de Allende, how perfectly wonderful!!

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  • Reply Greenglobaltrek March 4, 2020 at 5:49 am

    Ah we love Ethiopian food. Actually all ethnic foods, which is how we landed up living in Viet Nsm ~ lured by the food to be sure. Love the rooftop setting. Extra points for the live entertainment.


  • Reply Robert Hawkins February 27, 2020 at 5:44 am

    A mouth-watering job! Can’t wait to try their cuisine. (Looking for a “like” button!)

    • Reply ourprimeoflife February 29, 2020 at 3:34 pm

      You will love their food.Trying to find how to do a like button.

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