San Miguel de Allende


December 28, 2019

First off, I was not a big holiday person, or so I thought before coming to San Miguel. Glenn has a big family which gathered around for huge celebrations. Me, not so much.

But living in Mexico has brought a whole new meaning and experience to holidays big and small, Mexican or expat. 

This year Finca Luna Serena, a great olive farm a bit outside of town, was having its monthly dinner bash on Thanksgiving so with Phyllis and Kim in tow we headed off to the have a bit of holiday cheer and some good food. Unfortunately for me I was on antibiotics since I am having major dental work and was unable to take advantage of the open bar, but the amiable atmosphere and good friends made up for that little bummer. 

Finca Luna Serena picks their guests up in front of the Liverpool department store up at the mall and drives them into the property since getting there is a little complicated and on a dirt road. 

The area surrounding San Miguel is beautiful with views of the hills and Finca Luna Serena is in a supremely pleasant spot. We arrived and walked through the main entry to find a series of tables set up in the garden by the pool and covered with an awning. Over by the bar was a taste of scrumptious appetizers that people munched on while being served beer, wine and tequila. And for poor little ole me, sparkling mineral water. 

We chatted and met new friends and had a great talk with our friend Chris Chase and her husband who had also made it out to the farm. It was an easy going, relaxed garden party type of time. Unfortunately I heard one lady mention that “the service here is terrible, it is taking forever to get dinner.” This is not a restaurant!! and I think she missed the point of such a enjoyable, lively but mellowly beautiful afternoon of good conversation and good food. 

A few hours later dinner was served buffet style and it was marvelous! I particularly loved the slightly spicy cranberry sauce and if I could even remotely cook I would have asked for the recipe. 

Not always a huge fan of typical holiday fare I am realizing that it takes on a whole new deliciousness when shared with awesome friends and fine family. Environment, emotional and physical, is everything. And this Thanksgiving was an event to remember. 

Finca Luna Serena offers a range of experiences from tours of the olive farm with tastings of its exceptional olive oil to monthly luncheons. You can contact them at here to make arrangements for a tour. Several of us went out to do the tour and lunch months ago and you can check out that blog post An Afternoon at Finca Luna Serena to find out about our experience.

Every time we come out we learn something new and have a tremendous time. We highly recommend that you make plans to have a memorable afternoon of your own by making a visit. Victor and Susan look forward to welcoming you. 

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  • Reply Chris Chase December 28, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    Wow! Read to relive the great day. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? My own name in print!!
    Sorry you heard a complaint. And doubly glad I didn’t. I just came from a party where someone freely offered hating NYC. Didn’t mention we are excited about going there in May.

  • Reply Tony Carrillo December 28, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Hi Glen and Ria!!! Tony, here! ( from Tostevere antes)Miss seeing you walking around San Antonio area….Im happy to see you had a great Thanksgiving with friends! Looks Amazing! Take Care , Love the photos on your Blog!
    Tony Carrillo

    • Reply ourprimeoflife December 28, 2019 at 11:25 am

      Hi Tony, we have been traveling around the Yucatan since November 30th but will return to SMA on January 11th. Hope to see you around after that. We are a bit behind on our posts (I think we have 6 we have to do at this time with a few more we will add by the time we return) but have some great ones coming up! A lot of fabulous beach time and relaxing days. Hope you will enjoy them. Posting soon.

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