Glenn and I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about the direction we want our blog to go in the coming months and hopefully years. Our goal when we first set out was to create a blog that would allow anyone who had the thought of taking the expat plunge to get encouragement from us as we too ventured into this new world. They could follow along from the moment Glenn clicked the last key on his computer at work, closing it down for the final time, see how we handled the trials of preparing our house for sale and eventually handing over the keys and saying good-bye to the country we had lived all our lives. And they could see through our eyes the marvelous town in Mexico we would call our home, and be taken on an exploration of our new country. Our plan has always been to make San Miguel de Allende our home base and to get back to our passion of traveling the world now that we had the time and a bit of money to do so.

We increasing look at what is happening in the USA, a country we left for a number of reasons. And now, at the beginning of 2020, with question marks in our head we start to ask what else do we want to accomplish with “Our Prime Of Life.”

So, we have started a new category in our headline called “Food For Thought” where we will be writing posts about what our place is in the big, wide and oh so fragile world we live in.