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December 31, 2017

I love photography. I think I have a good eye for the spatial aspect of a composition, shadow, light and color.  I love to capture emotion in a photo.  I took a lot of bad photos and just tossed the ones I didn’t like, but I learned from my mistakes.  I feel the rest of my photos come from my eclectic experiences and some of these are in my gallery.  I’m all over the map with my subject matter in photography!  There is so much that interests me. I like taking photos that have a feeling from an earlier time and have no evidence of our modern commercialized world. As such, I don’t like taking pictures of cities and business areas. However, I am intrigued with all kinds of architecture and find it fascinating, especially the juxtaposition of old and new.

In the future, now that I have time, I’d like to hone my photography and perhaps become a little more bold with it. Our upcoming travels will allow me to do just that.  I think Ria’s and my collaboration with photography will provide a glimpse into the world we are entering in both living in Mexico and our travels abroad. To see more of my photos check out my Instagram at glenntalken

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