San Miguel de Allende


November 5, 2018

Glenn and I have never been a very big Halloween people. There are a couple of parties that I have been to that stand out in my mind but for the most part we avoid the holiday, instead curling up with a bottle of wine and a good movie. BUT, Halloween in San Miguel de Allende was something else entirely. It was an opportunity for “kids” young and old to come out and enjoy themselves in the Jardin, the epicenter of festivities. We didn’t see any of the door-to-door, let me drag along my pillowcase kind of thing.

What we saw and participated in was adults with bags of candy trading for photos and a smile in a stunning setting and communal atmosphere. It was like a carnival and we loved seeing how creative everyone got. Of course, being so close to Dia de Los Muertos, there were a multitude of skeletons and Catrinas. If one desired there were tables set up along the streets surrounding the Jardin with artists to paint up your face. We opted out this year as we kind of wanted to suss everything out, but next year a new face will be a must do!! A few shots of tequila might be in order first though!!

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