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I Love When I Am Surprised

September 2, 2020

It is five-thirty in the afternoon.

Glenn and I just got home from a walk we started after my Wednesday writer’s group.

We didn’t really have a set path to follow. We just entered town and walked.

At the outset, I was tired, hot, and slightly annoyed. But I knew we needed the exercise. And I needed to spend some time with my husband. We are both trying to lose a bit of weight. Walking is necessary.

We followed tiny roads near the top of town down to Cinco de Mayo, then came along Salida Celaya back towards Centro.

At home, we had broken a few glasses. Typical clear, heavy Mexican ones. And we needed to replace them but were in no hurry to. We would find some eventually.

So we meandered.

Near the Rosewood is our favorite veggie couple. Brother and sister bring great produce in from Comonfort most of the week. Always a smile. We chat and pass some time. Stock up on produce for the next couple of days. They have become a fixture in our lives.

Wandering down the Ancha we missed Sano, a place we usually pick up great tuna. So we needed to improvise and stopped at the seafood place on Codo. We added some yellowtail – local, with our Japanese tuna. Glenn does a great poke.

Then we walked up to Zacateros. There was a tiny restaurant (Casa Tonita) we passed often but hadn’t stopped in yet. This time we did. The people were lovely. And two-for-one margaritas and mojitos were bebidas we just couldn’t pass up. Soft jazz played in the background. She brought us a plate of chips and beans for free. Her elderly mother sat at a table nearby, then a caretaker got her up to do a dance. Shuffling, but content. Much more humane than we have seen in the States.

Slightly tipsy was I, Glenn was holding his liquor better. I wasn’t done yet.

Just this afternoon we saw an entry on Facebook. It showed Bhaji, the Indian restaurant, in Mercado del Carmen behind Tupinamba. This was news to us. We were nearby. Let’s stop in and get dinner, we said. So we did and ordered all our favorite items. We got a shitload. Enough for three days, probably. The price wasn’t bad.

The wait was twenty minutes for our takeout. No problem, I had a lovely glass of Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc at the bar next door.

Expounding on our lovely day and the fact that we can still be surprised in San Miguel, loving my husband who is always up to explore and improvise, I come home satiated. Happily inebriated, joyous that I have passed through my dark times and ended up in a life that feels so supremely right.

I don’t take my/our life in Mexico for granted.

We made choices.

We sat down and figured things out. And then we moved.

And we have never been happier.

A sunset is imminent.

All is right in my world.

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  • Reply Byron Bishop September 4, 2020 at 5:52 pm

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.
    This is the real Mexico that I love so dearly.
    Unfortunately, I’m at this time, stuck in just visiting the Northern Baja area-Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada, where I still enjoy Mexico, but it’s too commercialized! I long to visit a real Mexican town–away from the border region! Thanks again for sharing with us your wonderful, relaxing journey through paradise!

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