San Miguel de Allende


January 26, 2019

Last Wednesday a big group of our friends joined us for a get together at Luna before we head off to the Yucatan for 2 months at the end of this month. It was a lovely evening of good cheer with a stunning San Miguel sunset!!

It will be very strange to be away from San Miguel de Allende and all of our friends for so long. We have gotten used to our routines and participating in the happenings of the town and have absolutely loved our time here!! We have just looked at the new Atencion and there are so many upcoming events we would love to check out that we will miss and we are already making to-do plans for when we return. BUT, we are really looking forward to getting on the road for a bit and exploring the Yucatan, hanging out at beach cafes, doing a bit of shopping, swimming in cenotes, watching sunsets, checking out ruins and listening to music in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Valladolid, Merida, Uxmal and Campeche. We have a very full 2 months planned!! 

San Miguel de Allende is temperate pretty much all year which is wonderful. In the winter months though it can get very cold especially at night, so we are looking forward to some hot weather. But we may be in for a shock with the humidity!! In San Miguel it is high desert and the air is dry.  We have both been in humidity quite a bit before, especially when we were doing our Around-the-Worlds in Asia, India and beyond. I take to hot, humid weather better than Glenn though as to me the mind frame of being a bit steamy just means I am in travel mode. Always a good thing!!

Now in the midst of the chore of packing up everything and trying to get all our earthly belongings to fit back in the suitcases we came with, we question, how did we do it 10 months ago? Of course we left the San Francisco Bay Area when the weather was still cool so we wore some of our heavier clothes. We are now leaving all our bulky clothes, shoes and the warm jackets which take up some room in our left luggage. 

We are lucky that some very good friends of ours who moved here 3 months ago have agreed to let us keep some of our more fragile items (my wedding outfit and Glenn’s suit) at their house. Along with a big bag of all the left over tequila, limoncello, household items, rice cooker and a bit more. 

We have made arrangements, with the house manager of the first house we lived in, to store the rest of our suitcases at his sister’s house since she has an extra room. It is costing us a bit but not as much as if we had to rent a storage locker for the time we are gone since we have heard that they are difficult to get for only a few months. So this should all work out well.  

We are each taking one medium suitcase and a day pack. We probably could have done with just the small suitcases and a bunch of hot weather clothes but we are spending the last 10 days of our vacation up in the Bay Area to see family and friends and finalize our taxes for the house sale last year. You never know what that weather will be like. So we are packing accordingly. 

We use the BajioGo shuttle (on Jesus) to get between San Miguel and the Queretero or Leon airports as they are reasonable and a breeze to work with. Our flights are an easy non-stop from Queretero to Cancun (2 1/2 hours) then a flight to San Francisco from Merida via Mexico City and finally a non-stop San Francisco – Mexico City from where we will catch the ETN bus home. Everything altogether is about $625 each which isn’t too bad. 

One of the reasons we love Mexico is that not only is it relatively inexpensive and accessible to get back to the USA when needed, but it is so easy to completely change our environment in Mexico when the urge strikes us. And the urge has struck!! Stay tuned to see what mischief we get up to in the next 2 months. And, if you have been to any of the places we are going to and have a must-do suggestion please let us know about it.

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  • Reply Christel Chase January 27, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    Most eager to follow your adventures.

    • Reply ourprimeoflife January 27, 2019 at 2:50 pm

      Thanks Chris, We are eager to see what is out there and get back to a bit of traveling mode.

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