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Open House, Aunt Lorraine’s 90th And An Update On the 10,000 Steps

March 1, 2018

We had the first Open House this past weekend (Sat. and Sun. 2-4:30pm) and they went great!! Our house has been showing as number 1 in our neighborhood for views and saves since it went on the market 9 days ago and was listed on Zillow, Redfin and other real estate websites. Sometimes the numbers are 3-4 times as much as the average. We decided not to stop by and jinx the whole thing, but we did get a report from our Realtor and she said the turnout was huge. She and her assistant counted off over 200 groups of people going through in the total of 5 hours for the 2 days. She even has to order more of the house brochures. We are hoping that this coming weekend (Sun. 3/4 from 2-4:30pm) shows those big numbers again. The bids are due on Wednesday the 7th and we will be on pins and needles till we see them. We know what we would like to get but it really isn’t in our hands anymore. Cheryl however is fabulous and we know she will work her magic.

We visited 5 other open houses on Sunday that were close by but not in our neighborhood. Three of them were not really competition but there were 2 that were very nice. And one of them had an in-law apartment like ours does. There is nothing close by them though for going out or shopping, where we have that totally covered just around the corner. Both of the houses are already pending. Houses go fast in Temescal now, so by this time next week we may have a good idea as to what we will sell the house for.

Keeping our minds busy in the meantime was Glenn’s Aunt Lorraine’s 90th birthday bash this past Saturday. We surprised her with a chauffeured stretch limo which she really didn’t have a clue was coming. It was a great day with 30 family and friends attending a sit down meal at Zio Fraedo’s in Pleasant Hill. We have been staying at Aunt Lorraine’s since the 21st of February when we left the AirBnb. We will be here until we finish up everything with the house sale and the paperwork for our investments. We will also need to sell the car. So, we are probably looking at the beginning of April before we head south.

And finally, we have been very negligent in our 10,000 step goal each day. The weather has something to do with it since it has been rainy, overcast and really cold. But we have also been a bit lazy through it since we have been running over to the house just about every day. And I have had a bit of a cold for 2 days. We did do 8,000 steps today so that is a “step” in the right direction. We have some great hills behind Aunt Lorraine’s that we want to hike when/if the weather clears up. We will have no excuses for San Miguel though since the weather is always in the high 70’s and 80’s. How lovely!!! 


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