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Our Sacramento Jaunt

December 21, 2017

We just got back from a very nice trip to Sacramento to handle the transfer of Glenn’s 401K and get some more advise from our wonderful financial advisor Kenny Salas with Ameritas Investment Corp.

We are secure in knowing we are going to be in his good hands as he works with our retirement and house sale investments. And after the sale of the house is completed we have a few more meetings with him. We should be all set, and that will be a huge relief.

We won’t have a large amount of money so we need to use the best options for our expectations and this has to last us for the rest of our lives. A bit scary when we no longer work and get a pay check. But living in Mexico should be quite a bit cheaper than in the Bay Area, allowing us to stretch our dollar, and that is a good part of our decision to move there. Even just doing the basics in the USA is too expensive for us nowadays. We are lucky there are alternatives and that we have the opportunity to take advantage of them.

Since we were in Sacramento we decided to make a night of it and play tourist by staying on the old paddleboat The Delta King in Old Sacramento. We met up with a great friend and amazing artist Susan Taira for dinner and topped the night off with watching the Theater Of Lights performance for the Xmas season. It is funny, when we are about to move out of an area, we suddenly have a great desire to see everything we are about to leave behind. Even when we haven’t been there in years. Glenn had never been to Sacramento and for me it must be about 20 years ago. Where else will we have to venture to before we depart?

The final thing we did in Sacramento was to visit the Mexican Consulate. We heard that this Consulate was less hectic and more accommodating than the one in San Francisco so this is where we decided to go. There were hardly any people waiting to be seen and it was extremely mellow.

We were all prepared to have a long list of requirements given to us that we would have to produce for our next visit in February to get our Temporary Resident Visas. Instead we were told to just bring in our passports with at least one blank page, a passport size photograph showing the face with no glasses and either the past 6 months bank statements showing a pension or Social Security deposit of $1,100 or more a month, or 12 months of statements showing a balance of $20,000 or more of savings or investment income for the duration. Pay $36.oo in cash or credit card. And that was it! What a relief, and how easy! This will be no problem at all. We know that the information we need to provide once we are in Mexico and go to the government office in San Miguel de Allende will be more expansive, and we still need to find out those details. But this is a good start.

The thing is, every Mexican Consulate in the USA has it’s own list of requirements and it is difficult to find out what those are or if they are up to date. Sacramento officials said that their requirements should last until next year, or if changing they should not be that different. So we feel pretty secure we will qualify.

All in all, we had a very successful trip and are a little bit less stressed than we were 2 days ago.  Time is going fast though and in a little bit more than 3 weeks we will be saying goodbye to our wonderful house and leaving it in the capable hands of our realtor to get the best price for it. We have already started selling things, so there is no turning back.

Have you given yourself an early retirement and what do you do with all of your extra time? We would love to know.

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  • Reply JC Webber III May 1, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    We spent our last 10 years of retirement traveling North America in our 40′ motorhome. We still need to sell it before we complete our move down to SMA!

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