All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


April 26, 2019

We celebrated Good Friday and Easter Sunday as San Miguel de Allende’s Semana Santa continued.

I went out in the morning on Good Friday to witness two somber events in Centro. The Trial of Christ and The Encounter With His Mother. On the walk into Centro I passed preparations for a neighborhood procession to take place in our Colonia San Antonio as altars were being set up in windows and doorways. Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


April 13, 2019

Last night we wandered the streets of San Miguel in search of altars big and small. It was another night for Semana Santa, this time called Viernes de Dolores, Friday of Sorrows or Night of the Altars. 

It is the last Friday of Lent when the Virgin of Sorrows is honored with altars in public spaces and peoples homes. Public fountains are filled with flowers, altars set up in all the churches, “carpets” created in the streets, windows, doorways and entry halls of homes are lit up with candles, strewn with paper and real flowers, gold paper flags in oranges, drapes of purple and white and statues of the Virgin. All elements have significance.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


April 12, 2019

Sunday morning, two weeks before Easter we got up early!! 4am to be precise, since we wanted to go and watch the “carpets’ being made on Avenida Independencia in San Miguel de Allende. We would then wait until the “Entrance and Discovery of the Lord of the Column” (Estrada y Descubrimiento Del Señor De La Columna) procession went by at sunrise. 

Getting up this early wasn’t easy but we were so happy we did as the spirit and camaraderie of those working on the “carpets” and witnessing the event was palpable. 

This was the beginning of Semana Santa or Easter Week. In San Miguel it actually stretches to two weeks filled with solemn processions, altars, flowers, music and more. It is our first time experiencing this so we wanted to dig right in.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


April 11, 2019

Many people moving to Mexico ask the question “should I live in Merida or San Miguel de Allende?”

We have just arrived back to our home town of San Miguel De Allende after almost two months traveling around the three Yucatan states of Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche. And, (drumroll please) our move to San Miguel as the perfect spot for us to live in Mexico has been reinforced. 

We really enjoyed our vacation and seeing the sights of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Valladolid, Merida, Izamal, Uxmal and Campache. But for us and for sheer comfort, convenience, culture, climate and cuisine San Miguel has them all beat hands down.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, State of Campeche


March 18, 2019

,Since we had made the trip to Uxmal to see the ruins we felt we may as well continue on to visit the colorful town of Campeche on the Gulf coast of Mexico. It is an Instagramable Unesco World Heritage Site especially in its Centro where narrow streets are lined with pastel colored facades. 

Campeche is a walled city, some of which are still standing, and the Centro is within these walls. This is pretty much where the tourist area lies and most of the restaurants and shops. The wall was created to defend the city from pirate attacks and you can walk on top of a small portion by going to the Baluarte de San Francisco and paying 15pesos per person.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, State of Yucatan


March 17, 2019

A week ago we made our way from Merida to Uxmal, very excited to see these impressive ruins. We had pre-booked our bus tickets using SUR, a second class bus company that is the only one that travels to Uxmal (50% discount for me using INAPAM over 60 resident card). This bus continues on to Campeche. Something we would do the following day. There is no on-line booking for SUR so you must go to the bus terminal in order to purchase your tickets. Uxmal is a popular trip, especially for day trippers, so I would do this initial section a couple of days in advance. 

It had been difficult getting actual information on the bus service and route for this bus. At first it looked like we could take the bus to Uxmal but would either have to return to Merida and take a separate bus to Campeche or we would have to resort to a 1900 pesos ($99) more direct taxi ride. But it seems this thru service is new and we lucked out (see more on our post Three Days In Colorful Campeche). Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, State of Yucatan


March 10, 2019

Thinking correctly that it would still be the cold winter weather up in San Miguel de Allende during February and March we added colorful Merida into our 2 month Yucatan adventure. Today it is 99 at 5pm, so we are definitely getting our heat fix in. 

Here for a month, we have plans to return in December and January, once again to escape the cold San Miguel weather. Because of the heat having a pool at our Airbnb is a must and we lucked out with a nice sized one, big enough to do laps in. A good Merida Airbnb is not cheap though and we will go over our monthly rent budget. This time we have a house in the Santa Ana neighborhood but it isn’t available at the end of the year. For that we just booked a two bedroom apartment, once again with a decent pool for its 6 units. Booking ahead during the busy season is essential in order to remain at least partially on budget. Some offerings are ridiculously priced for what they offer so do some homework. We really like the Santa Ana neighborhood for proximity to Centro.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, State of Yucatan


March 9, 2019

Izamal is a small town in the Yucatan about an hour drive from Merida, making it a nice day trip. We made it there on our second attempt, since the first day we tried had rain clouds and eventually a bit of rain and we didn’t feel like wandering around and sightseeing in a downpour. On our second try the sun was shining, a bit too much it turns out, as the temperature was 98 degrees!!! 

Looking up the bus schedule online we saw the morning ones left at 8:30 and 10am. So thinking there would be a lot to see in Izamal we woke up early and headed off by Uber ($2) to the second class Noreste Bus Terminal. As we arrived at the ticket counter at 8:20 we were informed that the bus actually left at 8:15am. So much for planning. We had an hour and a half to sit on our butts in the terminal and while away the time with our ever present, life-saving, Kindles.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, State of Yucatan


March 2, 2019

Stopping off for a few days in Valladolid between Tulum and Merida just seemed to make sense. And when we started researching the town and seeing the Instagram posts for it we were even happier with the decision. It is a super mellow town with ice cream colors and quite a bit to pack in to the three days we stayed there.  Continue Reading…