All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


October 23, 2018

September is definitely a month of Fiestas and Celebrations!! Not only did we have the Independence Day festivities in the middle of the month, but we also had La Alborada which takes place on the weekend closest to September 29th and since this year the 29th was Saturday it started then. It is one of the biggest festivals in San Miguel de Allende, since it is for San Miguel’s Patron Saint, Saint Michael and it is spectacular!!

The weekend before is the “review’ which is kind of a practice session for the following weekend. Of course there was a parade with music and traditional dancers. I can never get tired of them as each time I see them I see new faces painted up and more colorful costumes. Always great for photos!! As I was coming into the garden to wait for the parade Media luna was playing under the portico in front of the Centro Cafe/Bar. That was a very nice treat and they played for quite a while. They should be completing their time in San Miguel at the end of October and we will have to wait until they return again next summer. We have seen them several times over the past months and they are great musicians and great kids. I was sitting at one of the outside tables at the cafe and had 2 extra seats. A lovely couple (Suzanne Woodley and Philip Rostron) sat down with me, as people often do here, and we struck up a great conversation. That is one of the things we love about San Miguel, it is so easy to meet people and that reminds of of our days traveling around the world. You never know who you will meet next. Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


September 18, 2018

Each day we are here we become happier with our move to San Miguel De Allende and Mexico. And this past weekend’s celebration of Mexican Independence Day just brought this feeling further home. Saturday night was an all out party that we just couldn’t miss, even though it went past our bedtime. 

The decorations and merchandise were evident about a week and a half ago as the streets became dressed up for the big event, Independence Day. And I mean BIG event. Everyone got in the mood and we were very proud to call Mexico our new home. Centro was full of color of the red, green and white variety. All the buildings were decked out with flags and shops and restaurants had displays, garlands and banners. Around the Jardin and along the streets were just about every possible merchandised item under the sun to buy to show one’s pride and participation in this annual hoopla.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


August 26, 2018

I know this is a question that people are wondering about us. In short, No hablo Espanol, para Glenn habla un poco Espanol. Actually, Glenn is way better than me, especially since he did his year long travels through Central and South America in 1990-91. He has retained a lot of it and is remembering even more through practice and exposure. Thank God for that as I would be totally lost when when we go to the Doctor’s office or do anything official. Or even just order our meals, shop in a store, ride in a taxi and all the other daily activities we do. Although I too am learning. My pronunciation is horrendous though and Glenn said one day that listening to me try to speak Spanish is excruciating. LOL!! My goal is to make him take those words back.  Continue Reading…

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August 15, 2018

After 4 months in San Miguel Glenn and I are really enjoying our new life in Mexico!! We walk through town, trying to make our 10,000 steps a day, and bask in the knowledge that we made the best decision ever with our move south of the border. We really try to limit watching any news from up North as it only serves to appall us and make us sink back into a unhealthy thought pattern. And in San Miguel de Allende there is so much positivity, laughter, smiles and “Buenos Dias” that we feel very much removed from the mayhem in the US and are thrilled with that. San Miguel is not perfect by any means, but no place actually is. However we have found it to be the perfect spot for us.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


July 24, 2018

July brought down our first visitors, or as we liked to call them, the “tester guests” to celebrate both my (Ria) 60th birthday and our friend Jerffrey’s 50th. We had planned to have a entire group down here but as with things planned way ahead, stuff happened and we ended up a much smaller group. But it was still a grand time and we look forward to more visits from the northern troups.

Jeffrey actually arrived on the 30th of June after tackling the bus logistics from Mexico City and stayed until July 8th. Nai, David, and their kids Chance and Roxie came in on the 3rd till the 5th of July. It was definitely a full house and only possible because the kids are still young and could share a full size air mattress in the second bedroom. Jeffrey took the futon in the “office”. 

Unfortunately Nai had a bit of a stomach issue before she came in to San Miguel and Chance seemed to have caught it. So he was kind of down for the count for his stay here. We have heard since they returned that Chance is going to have none of Mexico for the foreseeable future. We spent their one full afternoon here in the hospital having Chance and Nai checked out. That was really too bad since we really wanted to present our wonderful new home town to them and they only got a small taste of it. Promises were made though that Nai and David will return sans kids to get the true feel of San Miguel at another time. Even without the grand tour we had a really nice time and they are so much fun to hang out with.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


July 23, 2018

It is surprising how easy it is for us to make friends in San Miguel.  Especially since we have our Instagram and Blog. As we mentioned in a past post, we “met” several people through emails before we even left the States due to the notice we put on the San Miguel’s Renters Forum looking for a house. We have now met them all and then some, some have worked out beautifully and some we just didn’t fit with. But we have been having a wonderful time with get togethers.

The first week we were here we met a fabulous couple at the Zandunga concert, Merril Weber and Bob Bartelt. We only knew them for a couple of weeks before they had to head home to Pennsylvania but we are looking forward to their return later this year.  She is a great artist and business woman and we love watching for her new pieces on Instagram. They have really good senses of humor and we would love to be able to figure out a way to have them travel with us one of these days. Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


July 1, 2018

It was Sunday morning as we ventured out beyond San Miguel de Allende to the countryside. Our goal was to visit the Galeria Atotonilco for it’s end of the month open house, held the last weekend of almost every month. And it was spectacular!! A vision of color assaulted us as we entered and we didn’t know which way to look. There are so many fabulous pieces of folk art from all over Mexico, Guatemala and other countries. We definitely saw what love and attention Mayer Schacter and his wife Susan Page have put into the gallery. We have friends in Berkeley, CA where they are from and when Beany found out we were moving to San Miguel she told us to make sure we stopped by, see the Galeria and meet Susan and Mayer. They are absolutely a delightful and energetic couple and we are so glad that we are able to start a new friendship.   Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


June 19, 2018

San Miguel is a town always ready for a good time! Festivals, parades, fireworks and “bombs” going off at all hours of the night and day. With warm weather, plenty of places to eat outside and good friends it is hard not to be in a celebration of life mood.

May 27th was the first big parade we made it to since we moved down to San Miguel. It was close to the end of a huge indigenous celebration (Fiesta de la Santa Cruz del Valle del Maize) that went on for a week with festivities and fireworks. We have a great view from our upstairs terrace and could see all across to the Valle de Maize area where those celebrations were being held. We went to bed nightly watching their fireworks display from our bed. We would have liked to see more of the festival but somehow something always got in the way.

We are getting more settled in and will have to make sure we go into town a bit more at night and on the weekends. The weekends get really crowded in Centro with a large number of people coming in from Mexico City so we tend to avoid it a bit then. We will have to rectify that.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


June 9, 2018

OMG!! San Miguel is foodie central for Mexico!! We have such a great choice in restaurants and styles of cuisine that we never get bored. We have enjoyed pizza at La Grotto, Italian food at Antigua Trattoria Romana, pastries at Petit Four, great breakfasts at Lavanda Cafe, Maria Xoconostle, Cafe Monet and others. We love the grilled meats at Ten Ten Pie al Carbon (right around the corner from us) even though the service is less than stellar. They also have some nice crepes suzettes done table side. Cafe Rama has some good lunch options, especially sandwiches and cakes in a funky interior. And friends told us about Grille Torres a nice little place for seafood, especially shrimp. It goes on and on. There are a lot of comida corridas where for a fixed price you get a ton of food buffet style. But those are sort of lost on me since I don’t really eat enough. But at sometimes 60 pesos or about $3 for a meal I shouldn’t worry about it. Everyone seems to make it to Hecho en Mexico on Ancha San Antonio at one time or another. It is a great place to hang out and relax on the shaded patio. Reasonably priced with a variety of foods on the menu it is an easy place to go on our way home from Centro. Even the bibliotheca has a nice quiet little cafe. There are so many options for outdoor dining, which we love as they are very relaxing and great to go to year round.  Continue Reading…