San Miguel de Allende

The Ten Minute Flood

August 4, 2020

When we moved into our new rental on Real a Querétaro in April, we perused the binder of do’s and don’t, helpful hints, and how to’s left by our landlords.

Number 10 on the list said, “please refrain from using the toilet during rainstorms. The main sewer line running down Calle Salida is too small to accommodate all the larger remodels. Thus, when there are torrential rains, the system just gets bogged down with too much water.”

We have heard this from other landlords. It is good to be prepared.

Or so we thought.

But we never thought of a flood. Continue Reading…

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The Life of Masks in San Miguel

May 31, 2020

I have never seen so many creative, colorful face masks in my life.

They are everywhere. Personalities shine through with choices.

Are you a traveler? Perhaps an African print is up your alley. Or an animal lover, there are masks for you too.

Cook, seamstress, booklover, gardener, coffee lover, artist, a follower of Lucha Libre, photographer, writer? You can be a walking billboard with an unspoken welcome to others sharing your interests.

When we moved to San Miguel in 2018 and went out shopping, we carried our Trader Joe’s bags amazed at how many introductions ensued. People missing that food emporium. The bags were icebreakers.  Continue Reading…

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A Fried Egg Sandwich and a View

May 29, 2020

Glenn brought home American cheese a few days ago, and I got a craving. Fried egg sandwiches, good ‘ole comfort food.

This morning Glenn showed his culinary artistry and viola, yummy, with the right amount of gooeyness. Simple to prepare and happy, happy, joy, joy to eat.

We brought our coffee, sandwiches, avocado and fruit plate out onto the terrace, played some get up and dance African tunes, gazed, and sighed over our view of San Miguel de Allende spreading to the other side of town.

We moved into our current rental a little over a month ago, the view a major selling point. Five terraces offer a multitude of viewpoints depending on which floor of the house we settle on. But the main floor terrace, off the kitchen, with dining table, umbrella and chaise lounges is where we most often park ourselves. There’s a little overhang that protects us for a while from the beat of the sun’s rays. But by afternoon we must pop back into the house for a bit of relief. We have a large window and sliding glass door onto the terrace, so when we sit at our dining table we still have our marvelous view. Continue Reading…

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The Joy of Third Places in San Miguel

May 26, 2020

In 1989,  Ray Oldenburg coined the phrase “third places” in his book The Great Good Place, which I read in the nineties. The book made an enormous impact on my life and determined what I seek as the perfect environment to thrive.

Our town of San Miguel de Allende with its cafes, outdoor seating and courtyards, library, parks, beauty, and rough around the edges welcoming vibe has proven to be exactly what we envisioned for our happy place. It is, as they say, a “community living room,” a third space.

Humans need contact and community, and third places are public spaces that promote the exchange of ideas and building relationships while having a pleasant time. They are equalizers or strive to be. Social and financial status shouldn’t come into play. And an email address or fee is unnecessary to join.

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May 4, 2020

These times of Coronavirus provide a release in my mind and body. I embrace the self-isolation and quarantine as a way to step back, test, and explore my unfettered soul.  I am finding freedom and change.

The hot weather permeates San Miguel, and it makes me happy since I hate wearing cold weather clothing and shoes.

I am awaiting a fresh pair of Teva’s from Amazon as I left my old pair in the blazing sun. Where they curled up into themselves like a ribbon on a present and there was nothing to do but throw them out.

Wearing a pair of flip-flops that without stability on the uneven cobblestones or slippery sidewalks leaves me vulnerable to another broken leg. Continue Reading…

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April 2, 2020

Unfortunately, self-care/self-isolation isn’t the rule in everyone’s minds. There are many different reasons for that, from pure stupidity and selfishness to a strong desire to continue to financially support one’s family. but, it comes with risks. 

I admit, that when this whole thing started back in January, I was a skeptic. No one could imagine that the whole world would shutter and lock its doors and borders, fundamentally changing the way we live.

Life has changed for everyone. Plans for the future are practically non-existent. No-one knows how or when this will end. Everyone is in limbo with questions swirling around their heads. And people are starting to realize what the core of their everyday lives boils down to. Can they make it through this crisis without the everyday exterior bombardment of stimuli?

Now that COVID-19 is here to stay for a while, and as we are all hunkered down we have two choices in front of us. 1) to freak out, be anxious and fretful and run through disaster scenarios while watching hours of depressing news, or  2) to remain in control of our own personal environment and look out for opportunities to put positive thought into our being. To connect and share with others using our extra time wisely.  Continue Reading…