Musings, San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel Days, And Little Packages of Happiness

August 11, 2021

The past few days, we have wandered down Correo from home to breakfast and grinned at the sight of three lovely sibling terriers and their owners walking back up the hill. Perky and curious animals, they just bring a little more joy into the morning.

I just read a memoir series – The Grape Series by Laura Bradbury. Most of the books bring to life Laura’s Burgundy, and family, neighbors, history, customs, and, of course, wine, in this region of France. A saying pops up as one of the key themes of book seven “My Grape Village.” Although it is French, I think we can also find a place for it in Mexico.

It is a philosophy. A lovely one to incorporate into our daily life, daily walks, relationships.

“Le Petit Bonheur du jour” = “the little happiness of the day”

“Trouvez ton petit bonheur du jour” = “Finding your little joy in each day” Continue Reading…

Musings, San Miguel de Allende

An Update On The Window and The Eggs

August 10, 2021

It Got Weirder

It has been a couple of weeks since the window disappeared, after capturing our dozen organic eggs.

But now, we have validation.

We were on Ancha San Antonio a few days ago and crossed paths with the bracelet lady. You know the one who’s bracelets- anklets I was trying on when I set down the eggs in the window? Well, we started talking to her and comparing that afternoon. She remembers the window, she remembers my eggs, she remembers me turning around and placing the eggs in the window, and she remembers exactly where we were standing. She confirmed everything!

So, we have a witness!!

The window is definitely gone!! But, it was there… Continue Reading…


A Barred Window and a Dozen Eggs

July 23, 2021

Is San Miguel a vortex?

We have heard whispers.

And after 60 years of hard life lessons, trauma, and discontent, mixed in with some good times, my blossoming, good vibes with the universe, my absolute contentment once landing in Mexico, specifically San Miguel de Allende, must be sourced from cosmic energy. Right?

We have been here for over three years now and the buzz still hasn’t faded. I guess the energy remains strong; we know we do.

We realized a little while ago that we had created a life full of discretionary. We divested all our responsibilities and debts and bills and each day we can wake up and ask, “what happens today?”

It is all about choices. And split-second decisions, possibly after long mental and verbal debates or on a whim; all leading to that one moment.

But, sometimes there are the “what if’s.” Continue Reading…

Musings, San Miguel de Allende

Red Fire Ants and the Itch That Won’t Go Away

June 13, 2021

I have a pharmacy in my bathroom of cremes, lotions, and antihistamines. I am adding to its selection weekly to no avail. My arms still itch, making me scratch nonstop and turn into a royal bitch.

I have a history of sunburns starting in my youth when baby oil and iodine were the suntan lotions of most teenage girls. I added layers of the stuff throughout the afternoon, ending up as red as a lobster by evening. Once it was so bad that I couldn’t wear underwear to school, hiding my blistering body under a maxi halter and sitting down at my desk in a delicate matter.

I thought I learned my lesson years later and switched to other tanning oils and lotions that unfortunately did the same number on my skin. A Ph level wasn’t on my mind.

As time went on, I occasionally used more protective sunscreens but was/am still happiest on a sunny, warm day.

I am fair-skinned. And middle-aged, with a history of those sunburns and living in sunny climate Mexico. The perfect storm. Or so they say. Continue Reading…