Roaming Around Mexico, State of Yucatan


January 26, 2020

We traveled from Merida to Celestun by Oriente bus and made our way to Playa 55 Beach Escape. We were received with an amazing smile and an enormous hug from Jess, co-owner and wife of the other part of the brilliant team, Nico. The property is right on the beach, and the hearty welcome set the pace for a lovely stay.  This was our favorite hotel, or better yet retreat, during our six weeks in the Yucatan.

Jess and Nico had a dream. To open a guest house on a beach in Mexico that would provide a gracious and relaxing spot for people to come, decompress and be one with the universe. They did just that. A prerequisite was to find an abandoned hotel to create their long-held vision. Now in their 2nd year, they have created a very special.

Both Jess and Nico have backgrounds in interior design and they have made their dream come alive. It is a calm oasis decked out in the soothing colors of the Mediterranean, distressed, clean-lined furniture and charming details.

Rooms are lovely, peaceful, and minimalist, and each has a patio or terrace. The retreat has three levels, and no elevator so keep that in mind. The main floor has two rooms that are smaller than those on the upper floors, but we felt cozy and comforted in ours. There are only nine rooms, this is a boutique hotel so you will never find a crowd to mar your serenity. 

It was blissful to just hang outside listening to the surf and seeing the stretch of white beach between us and the water.  But if you are feeling energetic take a dip in their lovely pool. and soak up the rays of the sun.

There is a beautiful beach that goes for miles and we took several hours walks along it and saw only a few people. When we were there the beach was strewn with seashells and we had fun looking for the most extraordinary.

In the morning coffee is available along with healthy granola bars to start your day off before breakfast. 

In the evening go up to the terrace and watch the stunning sunsets, perhaps with a glass of wine. A few tiendas are nearby to stock up. After the sun has set check out one of my favorite features, the fire ring (bring that bottle down with you), and perhaps Jess and Nico will join you. We had a splendid, mellow time trading stories with Nico about life, his story, mental health, the environment, and our place in the universe.

With the stars above us, a relaxing fire, and brilliant company, there was nothing more we could ask for.

Special weekend theme workshops on a variety of interests are planned for the future so if you are on Facebook follow their Playa 55 page and watch for notifications, you won’t want to miss them. You can either book directly with them (using Facebook) or use our affiliate link for Playa 55.

Celestun is a Mexican fishing village, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it is not a spot for wild parties or first-class dinners and shopping like other parts of the Yucatan are. As a result, it is known by locals and is not a place on many vacationers bucket list and that makes it glorious! 

There is a really beautiful mangrove tour by punter boat that is worth the early hour you have to get up by and can be arranged by Nico or Jess. (see our next post about that) and there are a few beachside restaurants. Other than that, just come let the shackles of everyday life fall off and the areas peacefulness clear you mind. This is as it should be. 

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