It is the beginning of huge changes for us as Glenn just retired December 8, 2017, we plan to sell our house in Temescal, Oakland, CA in February 2018 and move to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico once it sells, we have made our investments and gotten our temporary resident visas for Mexico. We will post about our experience and we can’t wait to see what happens.

Join us as we move thru the retirement phase of our lives, in Our Prime Of Life. We hope that you will enjoy reading about what we accomplish, both the good and the bad. Somethings we will do right, some wrong and between the two we will learn some lessons along the way. Perhaps they will be of some help to you. We will be as honest as possible, even about our mishaps so that maybe you won’t fall into the same plights we do. Whatever happens it will be a new course in life, one we can’t wait to begin.


The move to San Miguel de Allende and our life here is all that we could have imagined and more. We are more relaxed yet busy with new friends and things to do. Everything we do is at our own pace with our own decisions. We have amped up our walking so we have actually lost some weight even while enjoying the tremendous restaurants and food options. On the whole we have a much healthier lifestyle and outlook on life. We are making plans for future travels but also spending each day in San Miguel to the fullest. Watch what happens next.