Quintana Roo, Roaming Around Mexico

Ria Responds To A Changed Island Holbox On Day One

January 11, 2022

What happens when Ria, with all her Bipolar, ADHD ness arrives in Isla Holbox on day one and responds to the novelty of a changed island?

This Happens!!

Oh, so many mixed feelings!








These thoughts went through our minds as we dragged our Osprey bags down the muddy road from the ferry into the town center, a cafe, and eventually a “taxi” golf cart to our hotel.

Jumbled emotions. 

Our first thoughts? 

Well, mine at least, in my jumbled mind – a mind that was about to set Glenn’s teeth on edge. A mind that he has yet to get entirely used to. 

That elevation, that hypomania, on my part. Not tipping over, just revved up, my motor running on overdrive. 

He can’t get a word in. He gives up trying.


(Hint – read these as fast as you can!)

We get off the ferry-

Quick, I don’t see our bags. They got on the ferry, didn’t they? Shit! Shit!!

Good!! finally, there they are!

Oh my god, the crowds!! What the hell, right??

This isn’t the Holbox we left two years ago!! That was quiet, “undiscovered’ – THIS is crazy!!

The influencers happened, I bet that is it!

Look at all the 20 somethings!!

No masks!!

That’s a cute outfit – I want one of those. I need to do a post on island and travel outfits!! Write that down.

Look at the shops!! They are different! They are trendy! So fun!! I need another bracelet. No, I don’t have too many!

I so need to pee!!

Damn, it must have rained! The streets are puddles. 

Shit, I almost slipped. This is silt, not mud. I bet there are broken legs.

The button came off my shirt. This is such the wrong thing to wear. Buttoned shirts with a backpack! Learning, learning. Won’t wear this again on travel days.

Omg, I really need to pee!!

Look for a cafe – I want a drink!! Something festive.

Yes, my daypack is too heavy! I know, but it’s the camera equipment. I can’t lighten that. Next time, less clothes. And we have only been gone a day.

Wow, the Osprey is doing so good – those big wheels help – this is it!! Why we got them!! Whoo Hoo!! 

I am feeling it again! Traveling! So missed this!

I can’t get my little shrug off! It is twisted on the purse – damn it- I So Need To Pee!!


Should we grab a taxi? Are we far enough from the ferry?? There are some free ones now. Maybe we should. 

God, Where are all these people from?

The ferry seemed farther from town last time! This place has grown! Ugh. 

Here is a place for drinks – I am peeing my pants!

Where is the bano? 

Oh, thank god!! Back in a sec. Watch my pack.

Looks like everyone stops at this place on the way in. 

Ok, got it – This is the Yucatan Katmandu. Doesn’t it sort of remind you of Katmandu in the ’80s? 

No dreadlocks, now it is man buns. But it has that feeling huh? 

Drink menu? 

Fun drinks, Gin! I’ll get this one!  Pink.

Damn, these are too weak. They sounded good, but not strong enough. How is yours? Oh yum.

Want something to eat? 

I want something to eat.

Glenn, Glenn, Get me chair dancing! Take the picture. I like this song! 

These are pretty good. 

Do they take credit cards? They better take credit cards. 

We don’t have enough cash! 

Have you seen an ATM?

Shit, what if we run out. 

Just choose places for cards, ok?

Ok, let’s pay. Let’s get going!

-Back on the street-

Should we get a taxi? We should get a taxi!! Here is a taxi!! Hola, Senor… 

Buenos tardes, Libre? 

Necesito Hotel Ensueno (I don’t speak Spanish, I murder the language, but I always try). 

I can say it, Glenn. I am not dumb!

Put the bags in the front. 

Let me get my iPhone out – I need pictures! 

Color!! This will be fun. I feel it now.

Can’t wait to use the camera. So glad I got it. Pain in the ass carrying though.

What about humidity? I need zip loc’s. I need to get the silicon packs out. 

Oh, remember there is the Bistro.

And Para Ti is that way. 

There were some good restaurants around here. Remember?

Glenn, where the hell is this place?

It is too far away!

Why did we book this again? 

Can we book something else?

What is the cancellation fee?

This is on the way to CoCo!

Are there restaurants around here?

Oh shit! Maybe not. 

We aren’t walking this at night. 

We can take a taxi I guess. 

This is the other side of the beach. We haven’t walked this far before, have we? I don’t remember! 

-We arrive at the hotel-

I hate that music! That stupid thump thump! — does that go on all day? (asking the front desk)

Night too? When does it stop?

Is there Internet in the rooms? Just Outside? — it isn’t working! Oh damn.  What the hell!!

How am I going to post? Have my meetings? Glenn, I need to have my meetings.

When is mine with Danielle? I think it is while we are here. I can’t miss it again.

Damn, no Nadine either probably. It has been over a month!! I miss that class.

How far away are restaurants? 

-In the room-

Oh good, we can see the ocean! 

This looks different than the pictures! is this the right room? 

There are only 5 hangers!! I need more hangers!! 

People are posers around here! 

You would think that they would have more hangers!

The towels are huge!

Oh, oh, I need a smaller towel for my hair!! Can we get one? 

I so need to do my hair. 

What do you mean No coffee maker! 

How can you have a kitchenette with no coffee?

We need bigger glasses! There are only two!! 

At least there are wine glasses.

We definitely need more toilet paper. 

Is there water in the fridge? Why isn’t there water in the fridge?

I need to dose myself up!! (I have chronic constipation due to medications and past eating disorders – no traveler’s diarrhea for me – this is worse I think.) 

Those pills better help! They don’t always work!

Shit (Ha) – why didn’t we loose that weight again.

Fruit, coffee, and ceviche for me. That is it! I feel gross. 

Diet time!! 

Both of us!! 

I have to get out of these leggings! I am sticky.

Got to love the sun!! And being hot again!! 



(It is only 1 pm!!)

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  • Reply Maida January 11, 2022 at 3:51 pm

    I love this and I can relate. Keep writing because I love to read your writing.

    • Reply ourprimeoflife January 11, 2022 at 4:28 pm

      It was fun to write!! And oh so true! I only put what I could remember! Glen. Being the doll baby he is took it in “good” stride

  • Reply Tim January 11, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    Glad you made it safely. I’ve been reading all your back posts about San Miguel de Allende and really finding them helpful as we consider our first visit. This post reminds me of my daughter some, I can relate to Glenn not being able to get a word in. Sometimes I say to her “excuse me but could I make a reservation sometime in the next five minutes to say something?” Have fun!

    • Reply ourprimeoflife January 11, 2022 at 2:44 pm

      Hi Tim, thanks for the great comment!! We hope you live San Miguel as much as we do!! It is a very special place! Amazing people in every walk of life!! Smiles and respect go very far here and there is an entire world of interesting people in our small space. I love your reservations comment and Glenn let out a hearty laugh and shook his head. Often I think we are so absorbed in our own whirlwind that we don’t take time to give credit to those who deal with us – although Glenn and I have learned what works after almost 30 years! Best wishes on your visit to SMA! If after the beginning of April let us know and you and Glenn can commiserate- over tequila of course!

    Leave a Reply