A move to San Miguel de Allende meant a lot of preparation, paperwork and planning. We went through all of our worldly possessions and determined what clothes and few items we wanted to bring with us. Managing to fit everything into 3 suitcases and a carry-on each we stayed within our weight limit for the flights, which was a huge relief. The rest we threw away, gave away through Goodwill or “curb alerts”, or kept to be stored in California for when we may need it in the future. We sold some things through craigslist and our moving sale. The $1700 we made through that helped with some expenses that we did not think of when planning the first 3 months of our 2018 budget. We had to stay in an AirBnb in Albany for 5 weeks before we move to our Aunt Lorraine’s in Walnut Creek in February. There was some work to be done in order to fix up the house for sale which happened at the end of March. After the sale we finished all of our paperwork and set up all our investments.  We had taxes to accomplish which were complicated because of the sale, etc.  Glenn and I had to do some immunizations, visit the Mexican Consulate to find out about temporary resident visa requirements, and meet with our financial advisor several times. All the while we tried not to be too superstitious since it went quite easily. Finally we were off to our new lives in San Miguel where we are now living happily ever after!!