We have accomplished a lot so far for our move to San Miguel de Allende. We have gone through all of our worldly possessions and have only our clothes and a few items left to bring with us. We have managed to fit everything into 3 suitcases and a carry-on each and have stayed within our weight limit for the flights, which is a huge relief. The rest we have either thrown away, given away through Goodwill or “curb alerts”, kept to be stored up here for when we may need it in the future or sold through craigslist and our moving sale on January 6th. The $1700 we made through that has helped with some expenses that we did not think of when planning the first 3 months of our 2018 budget. We are now in an AirBnb in Albany for 5 weeks before we move to Aunt Lorraine’s in Walnut Creek on the 21st of February. We will stay there until we sell the house and finish all of our paperwork for that and also the investments we need to make for the proceeds. We need to do our taxes for 2017 and set up everything for when we swing through in 2019 to do them for this year. Those will be complicated because of the sale, etc. We have been doing a lot of paperwork that needs to be done for the house sale, and have our wonderful realtor and a great team for fixing up the house before we sell. Glenn and I have started our immunizations, visited the Mexican Consulate to find out about temporary resident visa requirements, and met with our financial advisor several times. Glenn still needs to finish getting his immunizations but I will wait to get my Hep B and pre-exposure Rabies till we are in Mexico since my insurance doesn’t cover them here and they are outrageous! Glenn was lucky, he has Kaiser and is covered for preventative shots, a plus for having Kaiser. Everything seems to be on track and is going surprisingly smooth. We are trying to not be superstitious. Time is going fast and before we know it we will be booking flights and an AirBnb and heading off to the next phase of our lives.