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April 27, 2018

We decided to get our Temporary Resident Cards for Mexico pretty much right after we made the decision to move here. Before when Glenn lived in San Miguel he would do the 6 month tourist visa run (you leave every 6 months and come right back for another 6) but we didn’t think that practical and we knew we wanted to stay here permanently. So we started looking up the visa requirements and found that every Mexican Consulate had different financial requirements and different reviews. We were closer to San Francisco’s but heard how hectic and unhelpful they were so we decided to go to Sacramento and were glad we did. You can read about that part of the adventure in our blog post Visas for Sunshine and Sangrias in Our Hot Little Hands. 

We got through customs and immigration in Mexico City easily. It took us about 3 minutes to show the immigration official our passports and the Temporary Resident Visas and ask for a Canje for 30 days only. Stamp!! Smiley face, and on to baggage. Picked all of ours up and headed out the door. No customs, or being pulled over etc. Our simplest country entry ever. And no attitude about us being from the United States. We are going to like it here!!

Once we settled in we contacted Sonia Diaz, our visa facilitator and then some, to start with the process of receiving our Temporary Resident Card. We had emailed her several times before we left to find out more about what we needed to bring down and had emailed some of the information she needed beforehand. So we were pretty much set to go. She is extremely helpful, organized and nice. We also used her for our Seguro Popular (Public Health) membership and eventually will for our driver’s licenses. 

We made an appointment for her to come to our house in order to give her special sized photos (less than postage stamp size), our passports, INM card from the airport and to have us sign some papers. The whole thing for two TR cards valid for a year plus her fee was 12,400 pesos (or $670). She took our passports to the INM office and registered everything and then returned our passports to us the next day, also at our home. We are now waiting to go in and give INM our fingerprints. This could happen in  4-5 weeks. When ready Sonia will actually stand in line for us and let us know when to come down so we don’t have to wait a long time. Fantastic! We got our photos done at Don Polo across from the INM office. Don’t be surprised at the look of it. It is basically a room with a cubicle in it. We thought we were in the wrong place.

If anyone is thinking of applying for Temporary or Permanent Residency in San Miguel, our advise is to use Sonia. Sometimes it is just worth it to pay out the money to save yourself a lot of hassle and aggravation. And after selling our house and then the big move, we were certainly not into figuring out everything on our own with a limited amount of Spanish. 

We will let you know what happens next so watch this page. 

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