Selling The House, USA

The Selling of Our Life

January 9, 2018

Saturday was the big moving sale as we tried to get rid of all our remaining possessions in one day. That didn’t quite work as we had to carry over for a bit on Sunday, but we still did do a pretty good job of it. We advertised on Facebook, Craigslist and Nextdoor Temescal and got a good crowd in.

Earlier in the day, Glenn tossed out one of his prized possessions; his hat from the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps which he was a part of for 3 summers, even through 1981 when they won the DCI World Championship. He did keep his medal and ring.

For the sale though some of our friends stopped by to lend moral support, buy a few things, and eventually drink some wine at the end of the day. And we brought in about $1700 over the two days which will pay for half of our Airbnb in Albany for 5 weeks, which is our next port-of-call. But boy were people bargaining us down to just about nothing. They knew we were in a time crunch and took advantage of that. We had tons of great stuff from our travels but only some of that went and we were surprised because we live in such a diverse and eclectic neighborhood. I guess with more people traveling nowadays they want to bring their own memories home. Our good friend Nai bought quite a few of the textiles though so we know they went to a good home.  And Julia, who just got her first salaried job with benefits in 45 years snagged some items for her new office. We were amazed at how long it took some people to make a decision on a $5 or less item sometimes going back and forth for half an hour. You would think they were in Tiffany’s buying something big-ticket or it was a major life decision. The first hour provided a lot of drama. The sale was supposed to be from 11am-7pm but we had people coming through the gate at 10am while we were still setting up. One older man bought a lot of the ethnic items and got a tremendous deal on everything, he owns a shop so that was a big win on his part. We were in a must sell mood!! As a matter of fact, we said in our ad title that “everything must go”, and some people took that quite literally looking at our bananas and zucchini even.

We saw a small brawl as a gentleman and his partner squabbled over a $5 tool in the utility room. And someone stole all of our and our tenants laundry detergent and small sponges! What is up with that? The day was definitely a class in human nature.

By the end of our short sale time on Sunday we were giving a lot away and ended up with a big “curb alert” to get rid of the leftovers. There are still a few nice items left that we will take down to Glenn’s moms and a few things that we are saving to perhaps bring down to San Miguel at a later date. The rest is going to Goodwill.

It is weird to see the house almost empty. Our tenant has moved out of the upstairs part of it and we only have 5 days left to finish packing up our basement apartment. The whole place feels a bit foreign to us now. There really is no turning back.

A few months ago it seemed like this would be a long time coming, but the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. We are so glad that Glenn retired when he did because I doubt we would have had enough time otherwise and it has allowed us to ease a bit into the big change.

We met a lot of great people during the sale who were so enthusiastic and a little envious about our big move to Mexico. And quite a few who had visited, lived in, or had friends living in San Miguel de Allende. That is a little scary because it has gotten so popular over the past 5 years or so that we are somewhat worried about being able to find a house to rent in our price range. And we hope that the quaint town is not too overrun with crowds and traffic. But, I can never understand people who have moved to a desirable place and then complain when others do the same. The first ones there do not have a monopoly over the town. Change happens. We just hope that the flavor of San Miguel remains and we too become part of its lovely fabric.

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