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There is a lot to selling a house!!

January 20, 2018

We chose Cheryl Berger from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate in Berkeley to be our agent. She has always been so friendly and patient with us when we have seen her representing other homes in our area even though she knew we were just passing through to look, had our own home in Temescal and weren’t buyers. She really has an amazing knowledge of the market for Temescal and surrounding neighborhoods. We kept her card just in case and when we decided to sell she was the only one we called, we trust her that much. Besides, she has stellar reviews from those she helped in the past. We have been working with her since June 2017 and she has really helped us with the process and is always there to answer questions and help us with all the forms, documents, etc., and there are a lot of them. She got us in contact with Nurture Source Designs who will be in charge of the remodeling work we need to do, they are a bit more contemporary than we are, but that fits the buyers who are looking at our neighborhood. You can see their work on the website and it is particularly interesting to see the before and afters. Our upstairs has been recently remodeled so we don’t have to do much there, just change some lighting and do some touch up. They really like the colors we chose, which is great because we think they are perfect for the house. The downstairs basement needs to be painted, get new carpeting and be fixed up a bit. It hasn’t been touched since built 15 years ago. The kitchen island will stay, which I am happy about since I think it really makes the room.

On Tuesday we went back to our house to meet the rest of the team who will get it ready for sale.  There were people who are in charge of the whole project, ones who will manage the project, ones who will work on the project, and those who will stage the whole thing to bring out the finest qualities in order to get the best price. They started work today and we hope that there are no surprises, the process goes smoothly and we hit our target finish date and budget. We had preliminary photos done on Thursday and had a great conversation with our architectural photographer Christian Klugmann. He is from Berlin, now living in San Francisco, and it was interesting to talk about travel and our perspectives on the world. We look forward to having him do the final photos after the house is completed too, as his photos are amazing. The listing and photos will be blanketed on websites so that people can view it and I can’t wait to see that.

Our stager is Louise Valeur, who is also an artist. While she was working in the house we talked about San Miguel de Allende since she has friends who have lived there for 10 years. She has visited too and loves it and is going to give us her friends contact information which will be nice. We also have gathered a few more names from friends of people to look up. We are still surprised at all the people we meet who have connections to our soon-to-be home.

The date for our house to go on the market is the 22nd of February and the open house is the 25th and 26th. So we have a while to go and a lot to do. We will keep you posted on the progress. Never selling a house before there is a lot we are learning as it is a complicated process. Luckily we have knowledgeable help, as I can’t imagine trying to sell it ourselves. Putting out some money to have every detail handled, which dampers our anxiety and stress, is well worth it.

Here are some of the upstairs before photos:


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