Celebrating Retirement, USA

Twenty Years At Airtreks – It’s The Party!!!

December 18, 2017

It was an afternoon of merriment and consuming great food and spirits as many of Glenn’s former colleagues made it to our friends Steve and Jen’s house for a retirement bash this past Saturday. Nai made her famous Larp and Barry and Susan their Latkes! A lot of memories of work and play were in order as the “zen master” of Airtreks was sent on his merry way into his retirement years. After thirty five years in the Travel Industry, twenty with Airtreks (formerly High Adventure Travel, where I also worked and shared a cubicle with Glenn) it is a well earned retirement and one we are looking forward to pursuing wholeheartedly! So many fabulous friendships have been made and we will miss everyone when we are expats in Mexico.  But we expect lots of visitors and plan on keeping busy playing host in our new home. Glenn is going to keep his hands in the industry and with Airtreks International as we hope to do some business with them in the future when we plan to do a part-time independent travel consultancy. Keep watch for news on that. First though it is a well deserved break from everything work related for at least a year, as we need to explore a slower, less stressful pace enjoying siestas, sangrias and sunshine!

From our great friend and former boss, Tom Michelson, we received a fantastic one of a kind, original, ceramic clock. He is a great artist of creative, whimsical, unique ceramic sculptures and other pieces. Click here to see and possibly purchase more of his work.


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