April 9, 2018

Today is departure day!!! Two years ago we had a huge dream of living the life of an expat and moving to San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Many revisions of that plan have been made and remade and today we see the results of all that planning and the stress that went with it. We are actually very proud of ourselves for setting a big goal, maintaining our focus, riding out the ups and downs and bending to new circumstances, all the while maintaining a sense of humor, to bring everything to fruition. 

Staying at Aunt Lorraine’s these past 6 weeks has been wonderful. I really got to know her in a way I hadn’t just by talking to her at family gatherings. And I found out just how much of a kick she is with an amazingly quick sense of humor and a huge heart. We can’t wait to reciprocate her hospitality when the family comes down to visit later this year.

Yesterday we had a lovely long talk with our new landlord, Sher. She talked to us about the people we found out we know in common and those we will soon meet, the area we are going to live in and the shops, markets and bakeries that are close by, her life in San Miguel, the organizations she belongs to and how easy it is to meet people with common interests. She also let us know a bit about her house manager, Ben and housekeeper, Lupita and how special they are to her. She will be in Oregon for the summer when we get down there but we already know that we are looking forward to a long and delightful conversation when she and her husband Gary return in the Fall. It will be the first of many I am sure.

We have less than an hour till Uber comes to pick up us and all our luggage. We just took the last of our Typhoid pills since we will be traveling quite a bit in the years to come (in Mexico and beyond) and we thought we may as well do them now. Other than that, we are packed, that was exhausting, and READY!!! We are glad that we splurged for Business Class since we can do the Delta lounge. Yiipee! We are antsy and just want the trip to the airport done and then to relax a bit. I have several new books loaded on the kindle and all our electronics are charged up. We are feeling good!! The weather today here is great so what a send off. But rain is on the horizon and I am so happy that we will be staying nice and warm in San Miguel. I can’t wait to hardly wear any clothes. I am always a warm weather gal.

That’s it for now!!! Next, it is the Delta Lounge.

At SFO, no traffic and had a fabulous Uber driver for the ride. He was from Mongolia and lived there till he was 17. He has done a lot of travel too so was very interesting to talk to. I think we just talked him into moving to Malaysia with his family of 5. Whoops.

Now waiting for the Aeromexico counters to open and having a nice G&T and a Mexican beer in the meantime. Waiting to see if we can actually get into the lounge. These $13.00 drinks are going to kill us cause I think I need a few more…

OK, made it through security, always my favorite time since I always get pulled out of line. This time it was the shaving cream! Damn, there go my legs. We are now in the Air France lounge (not Delta) and it has drinks, although the rest of it isn’t stellar. Still Glenn can get something to eat. And we are glad we did Business Class and got seats together.

We are so over waiting! And these hours will seem like torture. But, we are making progress and will land tomorrow in our new home.

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