Selling The House, USA

We Did It!!!

January 16, 2018

A couple of months ago we set the deadline of Saturday, January 14th to be totally out of the house and into our new yellow Airbnb in Albany. And we actually did just that! Luckily Volker helped with the transportation of our 6 suitcases, carry-ons and general stuff for the next 2 or 3 months, since they would not all fit in our small car. Two trips for us, and one for Volker and we got it all. After all of that, Glenn and I headed over to Nai and David’s to drop off a few things that are a bit too fragile to bring down in our overpacked suitcases this time and they are willing to hold them for us. We will bring them down next year when we swing through the Bay Area on our way back from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. They had some great food for us and we brought some nice wine and bubbly. It was wonderful to finally relax for an evening with fantastic friends.

We rushed around the next day trying to get everything in the house cleaned and set for our realtor and the contractors to go through and determine their plan of attack to get it ready for sale and staged. It is strange to see the before and after photos of the basement apartment now. The apartment needs a major paint job and new carpets to start off with and I can’t wait to see how it looks when it is all brand new again. We haven’t changed it in 15 years. To change our environment and start a new life in such a short time is weird. We are doing better than we thought we would with the whole leaving the house part. Both of us got teared up about a month ago because we have had such a fabulous time in our house, But those tears were short lived. I guess it is because we have been so busy and have now had time to get used to the idea that we really are selling, moving to Mexico and not turning back. We are so excited, but nervous at the same time. We really hope that the people who buy the house love it as much as we do and have their own special times in it.

Ever since Glenn retired on December 8th we have been working hard on scaling down and selling everything. So we have been going non-stop and it hasn’t seemed much like retirement yet. Monday we woke up late in Albany and walked a couple of blocks to the Royal Cafe, which is sure to be a breakfast haunt for us while we are here. After a nice long breakfast with enough coffee to flood us, we headed off for an extended walk through our new neighborhood. We really had nothing pressing to do for once, there were a few chores we wanted to accomplish, but nothing we absolutely had to do that day, we were free. Ah retirement sets in at last!! There are six things we must do in the next two months; sell the house, set up our investments, get our visas, get our immunizations, do our taxes and sell the car. In between I think we will have plenty of down time to enjoy our new status.

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