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April 8, 2018

Hooraay!!!!!!  We FINALLY got the ok from our financial advisor to head out as everything is finalized. We booked our flights late Friday night (the Internet was down for a good portion of the day much to our chagrin) for Monday April 9th at 11:00 pm departure out of San Francisco to Mexico City. We booked in First Class/Business Class (depending on who you look at Aeromexico or Delta as they code-share) because we need the extra baggage allowance it provides. We get one bag free and only need to pay extra for one of our other 2 bags this way instead of an extra two. So the price really isn’t that much of a difference in the end. The flight prices did go up a bit from what we budgeted initially ($517 o/w instead of $451) since we didn’t have the 7 day advance but hey, whatever works when you need it to. We are just ready to be out of limbo, start our new lives, unpack in our fabulous rental and RELAX!

We have an UberXL scheduled to pick us up at 4:30pm from our Aunt Lorraine’s in Walnut Creek. We know it is a bit early, but the rush hour traffic starts early too and we don’t want to be sitting in it and getting frustrated, we just want to get on the road. Besides we can hang out in the Delta lounge for awhile before the flight since we arriving at SFO early. We don’t usually get to do that on our budget so want to take advantage of it. The ride with Uber is only $76.00 with a van or SUV so that really isn’t bad and it is less than we budgeted for. We didn’t know Uber could be booked in advance. It seems that even though we gave ourselves a healthy budget for this month we have a lot of extras, and are really going to have to stretch it out if we are even going to get close.

We arrive in MEX at 5:15am and are being met by Viajes San Miguel, a shuttle company in San Miguel. We are able to get a o/w private shuttle big enough for ourselves and all our luggage to take us directly to our new home. Another shuttle company that people recommended was BajioGo, also from San Miguel. We had used Viajes several times before though and decided to go with them. Because we are getting the large vehicle it is not cheap at all, USD $260 (much higher than we expected). This is not one of the inexpensive things in Mexico. We will use the long distance first class bus, ETN in the future when we travel to and from San Miguel as they are only US $30 o/w to MEX, super comfortable and convenient. And they offer discounts to those over 60 with an INAPAM card for residents and citizens. Very cool. That will be me in a few months.

Well, we have one more day here at Aunt Lorraine’s and we can’t thank her enough for giving us a wonderful haven for 6 weeks. It has been a lot of fun. We look forward to hosting her and some of the rest of the family at our own place in San Miguel soon.

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