Selling The House, USA

What To Trash, Sell, Keep or Give Away

December 15, 2017



I think we have whittled down the clothes as much as possible so we took the last of the bags to Goodwill today. One big thing accomplished. Of course when we actually get to packing we may find out that our wishlist for clothes is actually bigger than the suitcases we get to put them in and we will have to downsize some more. We always have way more clothes and shoes than we need anyway.

Some outer garments (unfortunately they take up space) will be needed however since San Miguel de Allende is in the Colonial Highlands and it can get very cold at night in the winter. The daylight temperatures though usually stay in the mid seventies +, which is perfect for Glenn. I like a bit more heat, and there are those hot days too, so I am satisfied. And we will have time to occasionally head off to the coast to really please me.

Moving on to bigger things, we spent the rest of the day in the house and the utility room tossing our stuff into piles. One to sell, one to trash and one to give away. We were relentless and were surprised at how much we had accumulated. Who needs 15 extension cords anyway!

We are lucky, we are able to put stuff on our sidewalk in front of the house and because we never put trashy things out it literally will be gone in about 15 minutes. Hopefully someone will get good use out of all of it. We have put some of the office furniture on Craigslist so we can try and get that sold right away and we can then have just the items we are selling on the 6th of January left. We were originally supposed to do the moving sale this weekend but that turned out to be just too fast for us.

Glenn also closed down his computer and packed it off. That was a very strange feeling and somewhat heart wrenching since he loved his job and the people he worked with. The job has been good to him and has also allowed him to take some extended time off on various occasions to continue his worldwide travel adventures. He has been a travel consultant for 35 years and has loved sculpting his own clients travel dreams. We will keep in contact with Airtreks, International and keep our hand in the travel industry with the idea of possibly joining forces again if we start our own independent travel consulting business in the future. But first we are looking forward to enjoying a life of leisure and exploration for awhile. Surprisingly the whole process today took us less time than we thought it would and we are proud of ourselves for hunkering down and going at it full stop.

We look around the house and feel the tug of memories and the happiness it has brought us. It is truly a great home. Although I have only lived here 5 years, over the past 20 that Glenn has owned it it has been the scene of some great parties and holidays with friends and family that I have participated in. And we started our married life here. We hope that whoever buys it sees as much fun and laughter as we have had.

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