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Not Everyone Can Take A Stroll

September 18, 2020

My husband and I woke up this morning and took a stroll down to Rustica, one of our favorite cafes in San Miguel.

There, among the plants and trees and tinkling fountain, I thought about how lucky we are that we can amble along and that we have such a lovely place to do it.

Not everyone can do so.

Almost everyone can walk. Some plod or trudge along, some power walk, others move quickly forward with long purposeful strides.

Many are doing it to get somewhere.

Walking is a necessity for some, they have no other way of getting around. Bus routes don’t work in their neighborhood, or along the route they need to take. The timetables don’t coincide with what they need to do. A car has broken down or is non-existent in the first place; for whatever reason. Continue Reading…

San Miguel de Allende

COVID Be Damned, Mexico Is Still Here!

September 17, 2020

Life in Mexico and San Miguel de Allende may be quieter, and in San Miguel, a town known for its festivals, parades and all-around good time, I kind of feel like our toys have been put back in the toy box. Like someone has cleaned up our room.

I miss those other times, everyone does.

But, last night, for a few minutes, San Miguel played dress up and danced in the skies.

David and Kathy rang our doorbell and we ushered them in for drinks, music, and a tasty dinner made by my esposo marveloso!

We had invited them over because we have a stunning view and this would be the first time we would see fireworks since we moved to this house in April. As mentioned, the skies of San Miguel have been silent. But it was El Grito and Mexico celebrates. Continue Reading…

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Can A Place Be The Best Medicine?

September 11, 2020

I am having my morning coffee, looking out past the end of our terrace to our awakening town.

It rained overnight, so there are small puddles on the tiles and the air is cool, not cold.

I am allowing the calm beauty of San Miguel de Allende to seep into my soul.

It is a great time for contemplation.

Have you ever thought not only, “what is my place in the world?” but “where in the world is my place?”

They are questions worth thinking about. Especially now, when the world is in turmoil. And most people are too.

The first question is one for the ages. Tomes written and entire lives spent trying to eke out an answer that may never be found.

The second question, where is my place? My dot on a map. My grounding. Where I place my feet. Where I feel home. Where I am my best me. That might be a bit easier. But the search might be just as long. You have to open your mind to it. Not be afraid of change. Continue Reading…

Musings, San Miguel de Allende

I Love When I Am Surprised

September 2, 2020

It is five-thirty in the afternoon.

Glenn and I just got home from a walk we started after my Wednesday writer’s group.

We didn’t really have a set path to follow. We just entered town and walked.

At the outset, I was tired, hot, and slightly annoyed. But I knew we needed the exercise. And I needed to spend some time with my husband. We are both trying to lose a bit of weight. Walking is necessary.

We followed tiny roads near the top of town down to Cinco de Mayo, then came along Salida Celaya back towards Centro.

At home, we had broken a few glasses. Typical clear, heavy Mexican ones. And we needed to replace them but were in no hurry to. We would find some eventually.

So we meandered. Continue Reading…

Musings, San Miguel de Allende


August 10, 2020

Oh, my god!! It’s the bells!

At first, I was oblivious to the sound until it went on for a bit. Then the significance stopped me in my tracks, brought me out to the terrace, and with tears in my eyes I raised my iPhone to record.

Maybe it seems like a small thing. Churches and their bells are synonymous with Mexico.

To us, they ring in weddings, festivals, religious holidays, and note the passage of time.

But I hadn’t heard them like this in San Miguel since the start of COVID-19. Continue Reading…

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The Ten Minute Flood

August 4, 2020

When we moved into our new rental on Real a Querétaro in April, we perused the binder of do’s and don’t, helpful hints, and how to’s left by our landlords.

Number 10 on the list said, “please refrain from using the toilet during rainstorms. The main sewer line running down Calle Salida is too small to accommodate all the larger remodels. Thus, when there are torrential rains, the system just gets bogged down with too much water.”

We have heard this from other landlords. It is good to be prepared.

Or so we thought.

But we never thought of a flood. Continue Reading…