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December 5, 2018

Our friend Volker came to visit us in November and we decided to spend the last days of his visit in Mexico City since he had not been there before. Glenn and my last visit was in 2015 so we were interested in any changes that might have happened since then and we were looking forward to going to some of the sights we did not get to then. 

We made reservations for the ETN bus online for San Miguel to Mexico City Norte, paying with PayPal which makes things so easy. When checking in we just showed the reservation information on our phone. We expected it to cost about $30 each way per person but because of my INAPAM card (for those 60 years and older) the entire round trip for the both of us was only $77USD. Such the bargain!! We chose ETN because the buses are comfortable with the 3 across seating and we like the upstairs front seats on the long drive. Primera Plus seems to be about the same in price and takes between 3 1/2 – 4 hours depending on the departure time but they are 4 across. Since we couldn’t check in to our AirBnb till the afternoon we figured saving a bit of bus time didn’t really matter too much and we opted for comfort. Bring a jacket though since they blare the air-con. We left on a Sunday so the traffic wasn’t too bad going to Mexico City Norte. Glenn and I came back on a Friday however and the traffic was horrendous!! Never again will we travel on Friday when everyone is coming from Mexico City to San Miguel to spend a nice weekend.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


November 19, 2018

If you have stubbled upon our blog, and our experiences have whet your whistle, putting the thought of a move south of the border into your head, here are a few resources that we found that helped us with our planning and daydreaming and a few thoughts that may help with your research. 


I read a lot and I love first person accounts of experiences, especially with regards to Travel. So when we decided to move to San Miguel I tried to read all the books about this beautiful town that I could get my hands on. I didn’t concentrate on travel guides since I find more up-to-date information available on TripAdvisor or even YELP. Here are some suggestions that are more interesting and are available through (If you plan on buying some please try to use the link as we will get a small stipend for leading you to them.) 

Living In San Miguel: The Heart of the Matter by John Scherber

San Miguel de Allende: A Place in the Heart by John Scherber

Expat Life: At Home in San Miguel de Allende by John Scherber

On Mexican Time: A New Life in San Miguel by Tony Cohan

This is Mexico Carol M. Merchasin 

Behind the Doors of San Miguel de Allende by Robert De Gast 

Mexico, A Love Story: Women Write about the Mexican Experience

Solamente en San Miguel Volume II, A Literary Celebration

Tying Loose Ends in Mexico; Essays and Images from San Miguel de Allende by Peggy Stevens Falkenstein

Move to Mexico Bible by Sonia Diaz, Beverley Wood

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All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


November 14, 2018

We have been in San Miguel for 7 months now and have only had to deal with medical care with regard to a few doctors visits, some blood tests, immunizations and buying prescriptions so far. And all of that has gone pretty easy. 

When we received our Temporary Resident cards we applied, with Sonia’s help, for Seguro Popular. This is the Mexican Public Health Insurance and it’s coverage is pretty extensive. This is set up for unemployed Mexicans but because we are Residents we were able to access it. The cost is based on a sliding scale and with our income level and ages we only paid $473USD total for a three year coverage that included both of us. We do not have to worry about pre-existing conditions as they are covered and we do not have a co-pay. We have not yet delved into using it as we have a wonderful private doctor, Dr. Leslie Flores, who we have been seeing. But we are probably going to go in to our assigned clinic and start the process once the Thanksgiving holidays are over and our guests have departed. Part of the reason for this is that I am Bipolar 1 and ADHD and we are finding out that medications are extremely expensive and difficult to find. (Geodon is $180USD for 28 capsules, Dexedrine can’t be found at all and Strattera is $100USD for 28 too, but we found Ritalin 10mg for $25.) Apparently Seguro Popular covers diagnosis and treatment of Mental Health conditions along with about 90% of medical issues. We may find that they too have a problem actually getting the meds but figure we will try and see what happens. We have also put off going in because it seems from what we have heard to be a real pain in the tush. But if it saves us thousands of dollars a year then I think a few hours of inconvenience is a good trade-off. We will keep you informed as to the outcome. 

For some great information about moving to Mexico, including medical, check out Sonia’s new book Move To Mexico Bible available at

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All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


November 9, 2018

We love a good local market, probably myself more than Glenn when it comes to staying a long time though. Glenn gets tired of all the hecticness of it all but I kind of get off on it. And of course I get to snapping photos non-stop.  We have been to the Tuesday Market twice so far and I am sure we will make it out again. It is not a “gringo market” so it is fun to see a slice of everyday life. The market is fabulous for people watching!! Once again everyone is so nice and friendly and we are finding that the Mexican people have a great sense of humor.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


November 9, 2018

We had spent 10 days along the western coast in PV, Sayulita and Bucerias and came home to the wondrous sight of marigolds and Catrinas!!! The town was decorated to the hilt and everyone was in a festive mood. Dia de Los Muertos was days away but it seemed like everyone expected it to descend in a few hours. We had been to a couple of small celebrations in the States and Glenn had been to one in Cholula years ago but nothing prepared us for our first as Mexican Residents.  Continue Reading…

All of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende


November 5, 2018

Glenn and I have never been a very big Halloween people. There are a couple of parties that I have been to that stand out in my mind but for the most part we avoid the holiday, instead curling up with a bottle of wine and a good movie. BUT, Halloween in San Miguel de Allende was something else entirely. It was an opportunity for “kids” young and old to come out and enjoy themselves in the Jardin, the epicenter of festivities. We didn’t see any of the door-to-door, let me drag along my pillowcase kind of thing. What we saw and participated in was adults with bags of candy trading for photos and a smile in a stunning setting and communal atmosphere. It was like a carnival and we loved seeing how creative everyone got. Of course, being so close to Dia de Los Muertos, there were a multitude of skeletons and Catrinas. If one desired there were tables set up along the streets surrounding the Jardin with artists to paint up your face. We opted out this year as we kind of wanted to suss everything out, but next year a new face will be a must do!! A few shots of tequila might be in order first though!! Continue Reading…

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October 31, 2018

Our last days of this 11 day jaunt were spent in Bucerias, between Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita. We were unable to find an UBER in Sayulita to take us there so we resorted to a taxi which was $21USD and only took less than half an hour. We had a great conversation in Spanish with our driver, and even though I am still such a basic beginner,  I could understand most of what was going on. 

We stayed at Aventura Pacifico Hotel which was set up by a former boss of ours (Jim Pilaar) and his brother (Joe). It is a casual and friendly hotel in a really good location, just 2 blocks from the beach on the south side of town and can be booked through This is conveniently located near a 24/7 OXXO and a huge grocery store which was great since we had a kitchen and were getting kind of tired of eating out all the time. We liked this part of town more than the northern area as it seemed more residential and quiet. Unfortunately Jim wasn’t in Bucerias, but Joe was and we really enjoyed seeing him. Both are avid traveler’s with ties to the travel industry. Joe still has his adventure trekking company Canadian Himalayan Expeditions. Check them out if you feel an adventure to India, Nepal, Bhutan and so many other destinations coming on.  Continue Reading…

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October 28, 2018

We took a super easy UBER from our hotel Rivera Del Rio Boutique Hotel in Puerto Vallarta to the Casa Parota Boutique Hotel in Sayulita for under $30USD for the hour drive. The lush portion from Bucerias to Sayulita was really pretty on a road covered part of the time by a tunnel of trees. We imagined there were critters about and Glenn asked our driver “Hay monjas en los arboles?” at which point the driver made the sign of the cross and laughed!!! Glenn had asked “are there nuns in the trees?'” instead of “Hay monos en los arboles?” or “Are there monkeys in the trees?” Close but no cigar! I think some more Spanish lessons are in order!! Continue Reading…

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October 27, 2018

We moved to San Miguel in April and have a nice 2 month trip to the Yucatan planned but not until February and March 2019 so we decided to break things up a bit and head over to the coast to visit Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita and Burcerias. (I actually have 4 more posts to write but since we just got back I will go a bit out of order and play catch up to those later). This was a very easy trip and was made more so by the cheap ($110USD RT per person) and short (under an hour) Interjet flight from Leon. We used BajioGo shuttle from/to San Miguel for $21USD per person one way which was also super easy. They will pick you up at your door. Once through baggage claim at the Puerto Vallarta Airport you can easily (since the reps all run up to you or flag you down) find the desk to the pre-arrange taxis into town. Look for the bright yellow cards. The set fare is based on zones. The taxi to our hotel was the equivalent of $18.50USD. Once in town taxis should never cost more than 80 pesos to get around, we learned that the hard way.  Continue Reading…