Musings, San Miguel de Allende

Just Try It On

April 23, 2023

Just Try It On!!

That is my shopping motto!

A while ago our friend Robert J. Hawkins, or affectionally Bob, wrote a lovely post on his blog (check it out HERE). We had both gone, yet again, to the much-improved Tuesday Market here in San Miguel.

I explore a bit more chaotically. It is enough to drive friends mad.

After post-COVID vaccinations and lockdowns, life started again, and we have all been ready to do some roaring, exploring, and inquisitive roaming. Continue Reading…

Musings, Oaxaca

Our Four Hour Oaxaca Photography Tour

October 18, 2022

What better way to practice my photography and work with my new camera than to hire a photographer for a few hours in a new city? (March 2022)

Oaxaca City is a magnet for photographers and workshops, and I scoured the Internet for one that might take place during our time there. I came up with nothing.

Workshops were on the wrong dates (so many around Dia de Los Muertos), the wrong price (wow, can those be out of our budget), or the wrong itinerary.

I just wanted to have a photography coach and guide. Someone who knew the city’s best spots and could help me with the workings of my Canon Rebel t8i. Continue Reading…

San Miguel de Allende

One Hell Of A Party

July 16, 2022

We just pulled off a Big Bash, a Grand Fiesta, a Shindig, a Hoopla!!

And it was better than we ever thought it could be.

Sure, it was my 64th birthday, and we were celebrating our Permanent Residency for Mexico (received in April) and our 5th wedding anniversary, and Glenn’s 61st birthday (both in May) – those were definitely reasons to celebrate and kick up our heels.

But, it was the friends who joined us that really made the evening what it was. Without them, Glenn and I would not have had the event that really solidified our coming of age in Mexico. Continue Reading…


Why My Camera Is Better Than A Dog

June 6, 2022

I, Ria, have a camera with no name. I could have a dog named Sam, but that would mean responsibility and I am launching myself into freedom and curiosity and a dog is too much baggage to bring along. 

San Miguel is a town of dogs and cameras. They are everywhere. Some people accumulate both, others settle for one or the other. Both bring attention to their owners. 

If you have a dog, especially a cute one, one with personality and a wagging tail – people stop. They coo and want to cuddle, have it lick their outstretched hand. Ask its name, find out its story. It is a conversation starter. A friend maker. Continue Reading…


A Cafe in San Cristobal de las Casas

April 21, 2022

We can sum up our visit to San Cristobal de las Casa with a cafe. Frontera Artisan Food and Coffee Cafe reminded us of Kathmandu; the Kathmandu Guest House, to be exact.

It had that traveler vibe – this time complete with Macs and iPhones. Gone are the days of Post Restantes. Not so paperbacks and cocktails, which were richly scattered about. When people weren’t working on computers, they were TALKING between themselves, in groups, about politics and philosophy. Of music and artists and books and Mexico and beyond. Commonalities and differences. Opinions, stories, and jokes. You could, and we did, sit there all day. Continue Reading…