Quintana Roo

A New Isla Holbox And Not A Better One!

January 21, 2022

So, our last post documented how I flipped out in the midst of too many stimuli after a red-eye from Tijuana to Cancun followed by a bus ride and ferry crossing. Wow has the mellow island changed! And, from our perspective, not for the better.

Construction is evident all over and twenty-somethings weave through it. Not that we have anything against twenty-somethings. On one hand, we are thrilled that people are learning about the world around them. Expanding their horizons. But a good number of them seem to be all about the wardrobe, the driving beat of house music, moving in packs, demands, and getting subscribers.    Continue Reading…

Quintana Roo, Roaming Around Mexico

Ria Responds To A Changed Island Holbox On Day One

January 11, 2022

What happens when Ria, with all her Bipolar, ADHD ness arrives in Isla Holbox on day one and responds to the novelty of a changed island?

This Happens!!

Oh, so many mixed feelings!








These thoughts went through our minds as we dragged our Osprey bags down the muddy road from the ferry into the town center, a cafe, and eventually a “taxi” golf cart to our hotel. Continue Reading…

Roaming Around Mexico, San Miguel de Allende

We Are Taking On Travel – Will It Work?

January 5, 2022

It is Monday, January third, and I am looking over our terrace and down the hill to the Parroquia. Oh, we will so miss this view. But we have packed up all our belongings and sent them off to storage for three months. It is time to leave San Miguel and venture off for a while. And when we return home, it will be to a beautiful rental house just a few blocks from here, also with a view.

Tonight, or rather at 3 am tomorrow, we take off and fly to Tijuana, then cross to San Diego. It is time for COVID tests and boosters. Continue Reading…


What Would The Cobblestones Say?

November 27, 2021

I just bought new boots.

I had to reluctantly admit it is winter, my feet are cold, and crocs aren’t doing anything to keep them warm.

I love them. A lovely steel blue, a bit of a heel, a nice design. Pretty damn comfy.

And as I go down the streets of San Miguel I feel myself strutting.  Continue Reading…


Valle de Guadalupe – Part Four – Color in the Valle

November 18, 2021

There is a pond.

The deck is a lovely setting for outdoor dining. And ARTIO was our choice for the evening before Kim and Phyllis headed back to California the next day.

ARTIO has only been reviewed once on TripAdvisor. Although we glance at reviews, they don’t define our choices. And we liked the pond.

The menu sounded pretty great too.

We made reservations and showed up on time, found no wait, and were escorted to our table. Little light bulbs surrounded the terrace, giving it a glow. It was getting dusk and the remaining sunlight filtered through the surrounding trees, birds sang. And the mosquitos came out. Continue Reading…


Valle De Guadalupe – Part Three – Wineries, Deckman’s and Airstreams

November 12, 2021

We had a full day to add more dust to our car as we continued to visit wineries to sip and swirl, and outdoor restaurants to pretend we were not widening our thighs. The food was so tasty, the atmosphere perfect, we were with great friends, there are times to just indulge and this was one of them. On our first day, we knew we would come back with our rollicking band of friends in tow.

We have determined our lives consist, in part, of a growing and exciting list of places to venture to while also being supremely content and busy in San Miguel. That was our plan, and we are sticking to it.

With an abundance of places to choose from, we only had time to visit the tip of the iceberg. Construction projects dot the Valle, and a budding reputation as a foodie destination, alongside the wine industry, means this probably won’t be stopping soon. And that plan of ours to return? Choices will become even more baffling. Continue Reading…